The Holy Bible is full of psychic experiences of every kind – clairvoyance, seances, and out-of-body experiences- and here’s how you can find them!

These metaphysical appearances abound, declare three religious experts.

“Most people read right over these psychic events without noticing them,” said Professor J.R. Crowley, a world-famous theologian.

Prof. Crowley pointed out the following pyschic events in the Bible:

1. I Samuel 3 says Samuel was brought to the shrine of Shiloh to learn the ministry. The first night he heard a voice calling him and he thought it was the prophet Eli, who was sleeping outside his door – but when Samuel rushed outside, Eli had not spoken a word.

“This happened three times before Eli realized Samuel was experiencing clairaudience – or psychic hearing,” said Prof. Crowley. “Eli said it was the Lord speaking and told Samuel to listen to what He had to say. Samuel did this and was given a message. This made him a medium between the spirt and material worlds.”

2. I Samuel 16 tells how Samuel used his psychic ability to choose David as the King of Israel. “When David was brought to him, the voice inside him said, ‘This is the one.’ So he chose David as the next King. These are examples of clairaudience.”

3. I Samuel 28 describes how a medium successfully contacted Samuel after his death. “She (the medium) held a seance and brought Samuel back from the spirit world,” said Prof. Crowley.

4. Genesis 18 tells of Abraham’s encounter with three divine visitors. “They appeared out of thin air,” said Prof. Crowley. “The Bible says they ate and walked out with Abraham, so they had to be more than visions.

“The only thing they could have been were spirits from a higher plane who materialized on earth.”

5. Genesis 32 relates how Jacob wrestled all night with a heavenly being. “This could have been a materialization of a spirit… or it could be that Jacob was having an out-of-body experience,” said Prof. Crowley.

6. Acts 9 tells how Paul is overcome by what is “clearly a psychic phenomenon,” according to Prof. Crowley.

7. Another Bible expert, the Reverend T.N. Tiemeyer, pointed to a psychic experience found in Acts 8.

“Philip appears out of nowhere to a high government official traveling along the road. He converts and baptizes the man, then suddenly vanishes.

“Then the Bible says Philip was found at another location some distance from the man.

“I don’t know how this could possibly have been anything but an out-of-body experience,” says Rev. Tiemeyer, author of Jesus Christ, Super Psychic.

Dr. Richard Batzler agrees that the Bible is full of psychic events.

8. “In Matthew 2 an angel tells Joseph of events that will take place in the future,” he noted. “This is the spirit communication.”

9. “And Exodus 31 says the Ten Commandments were inscribed by God’s own finger. When Moses wrote them it was probably automatic writing, which is what happens when a person puts a pencil to paper and the words just flow – not from the mind, but an outside source.”

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