STOCKHOLM – This year’s Easter was a special one for the Oensta Gryta Church in Sweden: they unveiled a life-sized Lego statue of Jesus!

The 5.8 foot high statue was unveiled at the beginning of Sunday mass yesterday at the church. Made up of 30,000 Lego pieces donated by churchgoers, the statue was constructed by 40 volunteers over the past year and a half. The completion date was designed to coincide with the holiday Easter.


It is modeled on Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen’s 19th century work Christus, which depicts the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Per Wilder said, “All those I spoke with were full of praise, saying how fantastic the model looks and how much good work we put into this.” The statue will remain permanently at the church and there are no plans to sell it to raise funds.


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12 thoughts on “LEGO JESUS STATUE”

  1. I think this is much better to see than our President having an Easter celebration on the White House Lawn when he supports and encourages the seperation of Church and State.. Easter is a religious celebration…Isn't the White a Government facility??

  2. Groove, last time I checked the White House is our Presidents HOME. I'm glad to hear that he was sensible enough to stay home and save us some cash!

  3. hey come on now eastern isnt just a religious thing! some kids seeking eggs in a backyard thats nothing to do with religion! easter is a religous celebration… to some. some go to church and some let their kids seek eggs in places some do both. the church part is religous

  4. Confused, The separation of church and state does NOT mean that religious activities cannot be held in gov't facilities. The law was made to prevent the gov't from forcing religion on the people (like our original fathers experienced). For a gov official to have a religious event, or say a prayer, does not force the religion on people. But if the gov't designates what you have to believe in order to be seen as a viable citizen, then the law has been broken. In most areas of the middle east, for example, you can be killed (legally!) for being a Christian. Christians are not seen as people worthy of rights. Thank God for America's freedom of religion! My God does not make you believe in Him. You have a choice.

    • Read the ammendment the law does not read separation, church or state ….. it was written to keep government from having any authority or thot about where we stand in religion …. !! it is our freedom ….!! we want to keep it …… instead this day of saying God bless America…lets say BLESS GOD AMERICA ….and stand where our forefathers stood…AMEN…!!

      Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem …!!!

  5. The word "Easter" is derived from "pascha" for the Jewish passover. Most of the rituals observed are pagan in origin, including the rolling of Easter eggs on the lawn. Eggs and rabbits (who procreate madly) represent "new birth" and "fertility." The pagan holiday for the rites of spring was changed by early Christians into a day honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who ushered in a new era, a "new birth" and eternal life.

    As for the president rolling Easter eggs, this country was founded on Christian principles. Also, there is no law against observing religious holidays on public property.

  6. Jesus(Yeshua) was celebrating the passover when He was at the last supper …. !! the communion taken by the christian church …. it was the root !!

    He was born in the time of Succot ….and gave His liffe for us in the passover season …!!! AWESOME EH ?? My catholic family says …. do you follow a JEW ?? YES don't they …. Jesus is our Lord and Saviour ….. Praise His HOLY NAME ..!!

    Easter …is the pagan celebration of Ishtar …!!

    The ressurection is the thing …. !!

    The president can roll eggs…. but if he were to put a cross there and prayer on the same day …… you think your last statement would hold …..no law ….but what would happen if a president did that ???

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