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March 14th is National Pi Day. Celebrate this mystical number by reading 10 fun facts about pi!

  1. Pi is the number of times a circle’s diameter will fit around its circumference.
  2. Generally, Pi is rounded as 3.14 but no one has ever found the end. In October, 2005, a mathematical team in Tokyo have calculated pi to 1.24 TRILLION digits!
  3. Pi was known of as far back as ancient Egypt, Babylon, India and Greece. Earliest known approximations are 1900BC: Babylonia had 25/8, Egypt had 256/81. Each are within 1% of the true value.
  4. Memorizing a record number of digits is now a competition. The Guinness World record is held by Lu Chao, who took 24 hours to recite to the 67,690th decimal place of pi!
  5. 2009 is the first year the U.S. Congress is officially recognizing Pi Day.
  6. The first Pi Day celebration was heald at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988. The annual Pi Day menu now includes fruit pies and pizza pies!
  7. Some also celebrated Pi Minute or even Pi Second, which occurs on March 14 at 1:59:26pm. (3.1415926)
  8. There is also a Pi Approximation Day. As pi is roughly equal to 22/7, the other holiday is celebrated on July 22.
  9. MIT has been known to mail out acceptance letters to be delivered to students on Pi Day.
  10. Pi Day is coincidentally Albert Einstein’s birthday!
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    • I give a rat's butt. If it weren't for mathematical equations, you would not be sitting in front of a computer watching porn and looking for ways to put others down. I care, and so does your doctor. and your pharmacist, and your teachers and lawyers. The person who will find a cure for cancer cares. The stem cell researchers care . The scientists at NASA care. So back to bed and wait for your acceptance letter to MIT.

    • I care. And most of the world's intelligent people care. Do you even know what Pi is? If it wasn't for mathematical equations, you wouldn't be vegetating in front of your computer watching porn. Go back to bed and wait for your acceptance letter from MIT.

  1. Thanks for the info re Waclaw Sierpinski. I did not know that. What a week.
    Happy Pi Day.
    I'll send you happy thoughts at the Vernal Equinox. Peace.

  2. I woul like to add information about the significance of pi number. In Physics the pi number related with the phase different of two waves that exhibit destructive interference. Pi number involved in several fundamental formulas, such as in Planck Formula for spectral density of black body radiation, in Schrodinger equation for explaining the wave behavior of particles influenced the certain barrier potential, and also in distribution funtions for obtaining mean value. Nowdays the pi expression has important play role in dispersion relation equation of designing monolitic devices such as for integrated circuit and integrated optics. Of course pi number also plays role in so many application branches that can't be mentioned in detail here.


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