Fiats were swimming off Miami’s South Beach over the weekend.
The cars were driven by models and drove across the water to islands near Miami.   The cars seemed to handle just as well on the water as the did on the road.  Some say they work even better on the water – especially making turns.
The cars, mostly Fiats, were designed for navigating Italy’s winding, narrow, streets, but they can also ride along the water.  A fleet was seen racing a boat in the ocean off Miami Beach.    The cars get about 30 mph on the road and can get up to 60mph on the water.


President Obama praised the hydrocars, reportedly saying, “This is the kind of innovative approach to travel that we have been looking for.  These cars are safe, fast and they are good for the environment.”
President Obama ordered three of the hydrocars for himself, his wife and his daughter, Sasha (who will be driving soon).


Car & Driver magazine says that this may be the greatest automobile every invented.  The hydrocars should be available all across the United States – by September.
The cars are also featured in the video for Pitbull’s latest song with Arianna, ‘Sexy People’
Charlie Sheen drives one of the cars from a luxury yacht. The song has caused controversy with some asking if it really is a music video, or just a very clever car advert.



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