A study has revealed that eating the latest new breakfast food – Cronuts – raises  IQ by 20 points.


Cronuts – are a combination of croissants and  donuts – have become the latest food craze in New York City.  And now, a new study by Harvard University has revealed that eating a cronut a day will raise your IQ by 20 points – within a month.  If you keep eating them, you may be able to raise your IQ by 40 points over five years.
“We studied over 500 cronut eaters, and 500 non-cronut eaters and found a dramatic rise in IQ among the cronut eaters,” said Dr.  Bridget Blanton of Harvard University.  “We have not identified why eating cronuts raise IQ, but the data is conclusive, you will be smarter if you eat them.”


Here’s one cronut eater who happy to be smarter:


Cronut scalpers are now selling the cronuts (which typically go for $5 each) for up to $20 each.  “The demand is through the roof,” said cronut dealer, Max Wilton of Zabar’s Deli.


People are waiting in line for up to three hours every morning to get a cronut.“I once waited in line for nine hours to see Liza Minnelli,” says one member of the group, Emily Oakley. “This is nothing.”
So, go get a cronut.  Get smart!

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