The Roman Catholic Church wants to  elect its first black pope — and some celebrities are being considered.
Electing a black Pope would be a  first in history, or at least since the early Middle Ages, according to Vatican insiders.
One of the  top contenders for the top spot of Pope is Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana.


Church leaders also are said to be looking at Tyler Perry, the American TV/Film mogul, who is also a strong Christian.


“The Cardinals like Tyler Perry and feel that he can bring a lot of Africans and African-Americans around the world into the Catholic fold,” said a Vatican insider.
Bill Cosby, the famous comic and star of The Cosby Show, is also being seriously considered by The Cardinals of The Vatican.


“Cosby would bring a lot of humor to the Papacy, something that has been missing since Pope Gregory II,” said a source close to Pope Benedict.  “Catholicism and faith are serious matters, but if you can add a little levity,  it could be good for our followers.”
As mentioned in WWN’s breaking article on the American Pope, Ray Lewis, the ex-linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens is also being considered.


Ray Lewis is reportedly very excited about the possibility of leading 1.3 billion Catholics.  “We will be number one in the world.  We will dominate,” Lewis reportedly said.


Another possible choice – albeit a logshot – is comedian Chris Rock. Even though Rock is an avowed atheist, though Rock said if he were Pope, he would be “the best f***ing Pope in history.”
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