Pope Benedict XVI reportedly wants an American  to be his successor.
While there has not been an American pope in the papacy’s history, the popularity and personality of  several top Christians in the United States have Vatican watchers betting that the next Pope will be coming from America.
Here’s a look at four men being considered for the Pontiff Post:


Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York.
“I’m as startled as the rest of you and as anxious to find out exactly what’s going on,” Cardinal Dolan told WWN. “Except for prayer, I don’t know what else to do. I’ll await instruction with everyone else.” He added that the resignation left him “kind of somber.”
The Cardinal deflected any speculation that he would be the next Pope, though the did get some “browning points” with Benedict.
“Boy, I love this pope,” the cardinal said. “The world looks to him with respect and affection.”
Las Vegas oddsmakers are giving Dolan 25:1 odds that he makes it to the Papacy.


Ray Lewis, ex-linebacker for Baltimore Ravens.
Ray Lewis has been a devout Christian his whole life.   Though many would not think he would be a good choice for Pope, insiders in the Vatican say that Lewis might add some “pizzazz” to the Papacy, and some muscle.
Pope Benedict XVI reportedly was thrilled with Lewis’ explanation for his involvement in the murders of two people.  Ray Lewis said:
“God has never made a mistake. That’s just who he is. You see? And if our system, this is the sad thing about our system — if our system took the time to really investigate what happened 13 years ago, maybe they would have got to the bottom line truth.
But the saddest thing ever is a man looked me in my face and told me, ‘we know you didn’t do this. but you going down for it anyway.’To the family, if you knew — if you really knew — the way God works, he don’t use people who commits anything like that for his good. No way. It’s the total opposite.”
Vegas oddsmakers put Ray Lewis’s chances at Papacy at 32:1.


Tim Tebow, Jets Quarterback or soon to be ex-Jets Quarterback.
Tebow has long been a favorite of Pope Benedict, who has been known to “Tebow” whenever he gets the chance.
“The Pope loves Tebow and what he represents,” a member of the Holy See told WWN.  “Tebow has done good deeds around the world, especially with regard to abortion and the pro-life movement.”
Tebow is younger than Dolan or Lewis, but there have been Popes younger than Tebow in the history of the Catholic Church.  Even though Tebow is not Catholic, Vatican insiders say that he will be considered by the Cardinals.
Odds Tebow becomes Pope — 45:1


Manti Te’o – former linebacker for Notre Dame.
Even though he is a Mormon, Manti went on to star on the Notre Dame football team. He was a leader in the lockerroom and a “beast” on the field – which is what the Vatican is really looking for in the next Pope.
When Manti’s fake girlfriend died, the Pope sent condolences and reportedly wore a lei for several days.  The Pope was not happy that Manti’s fake girlfriend did not die and that Manti really never even met her.  But, after Manti called the Pope and told him that he was still a virgin and would be happy to be the first Samoan to lead Catholics.
Manti told WWN that the Pope has been emailing him for over nine months.
Odds that Manti becomes Pope — 78:1.


Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States
Joe, a lifelong Catholic whenever he wants to be,  has expressed his strong desire to get this post and he is doing everything in his power to get President Obama to appoint him Pope.   President Obama has explained to Joe – over and over – that he does not have the power to appoint Joe, Pope, but Joe keeps asking.
“I’d look great in a mitre hat,” Biden told WWN
Odds that Joe Biden becomes Pope — 950:1

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