The White House, responding to a petition, is deporting CNN host Piers Morgan back to England.
A petition was posted on White House’s We the People forum asking former CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported back to England. The forum was created by gun-ownership supporters after Morgan’s support of increased gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.


The Obama administration issued a response saying that Piers Morgan has the right to express his opinion, but he’s acting like “a little child” and is “inciting gun owners, so we are deporting him immediately.”
Obama was visibly upset with Morgan when he made the announcement that he is deporting him.


This man has offered to escort Morgan back to England:


White House press secretary Jay Carney reportedly said, “President Obama believes the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms.  And Piers Morgan is not the right person to lead a debate on this issue.  Morgan is debasing the argument for gun control and on top of that… he’s annoying as hell.”
Over 1,00,000 signed virtually the petition to deport Morgan back to his home of England.


Piers Morgan was a flop as a replacement for Larry King.   Even Larry King took a swipe at Morgan reportedly saying, “He’s very different from me. I never gave opinions. Piers gives his opinions. The show is all about him.  He’s basically just a British blowhard.”

Morgan is disgraced former tabloid editor and ex-talent show judge.  He worked at News of the World, which was shuttered during the phone hacking scandal, and the Daily Mirror, from which he was fired for publishing fake photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners, and one understands that Morgan is incapable of nuance.
In recent weeks, Morgan has had fierce gun control arguments with his guests, including Alex Jones, Matt Druge and Jesse Ventura.   Ted Nugent has offered to take Morgan deer hunting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  “I’ll give him a first-hand lesson in hunting.  He’ll be a member of the NRA when I’m done with him,”  Nugent reportedly said.
The only problem with deporting Morgan back to England:   they don’t want him either.  Afghanistan leader, Hamid Karzai, said that he is welcome in his country any time – and he won’t need a gun.
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  1. who the hell does morgan think he is? the arrogant s.o.b. come to our country and tells us how to live??? don't think so…. he should be the target of every egg laid until he leaves.(no personal injury please). while he is leaving please take all the updates about the royal family… they are boaring and we don't care what the hell they do, with or without close. pierce, you dont belong here, please leave.

    • Get his green card and send his fancy ass packing on a Value Jet! Britain's crime rate has increased over 30% since they took away handguns from the law abiding public! Piers is a pansy and needs to be fired now! His shows indeed sucks.

  2. Don't you think it's pretty radical to try and get someone deported for having a different opinion than your own? This is America. We're entitled to have different views. Deporting people for hurting others and animals, as well as parents who abandon their children quality much more.

  3. We are the only country in the world with 2nd amendment. It was the 2nd thing the founding fathers thought of. We are returning to the very situation that precipitated the founding of America. In England people were oppressed bu the King and forced to pay tribute to the sherrif. Today we are forced to pay taxes under penalty of prison. The goverment need to disarm the citizens in order to do whatever it wants. Piers Morgan will never understand because he thinks like a resentful Englishman. He's a British subject why does he have the right to seek shelter behind the 1st Amendment?

  4. Piers morgan is in this country to keep from going to prison in his own country. THE UK DOES NOT WANT HIM BACK!! He is one sided on every thing he reports on.He is a disgrace to all reporters and this says a lot about CNN news. If CNN wants to have better ratings and a better public image get rid of this idiot . CNN should hire more true reporters like Anderson Cooper. Anderson is a man with morals and respect for his fellow man. Anderson does not talk down to, disrespect ,or call his guest names. piers Morgan is a spoiled boy with NO manners. It is a disgrace to this great country for what is supposed to be a president to let this unmannered disrespectful person remain in this country!!!!!


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