Following President Obama’s orders, Gloria Allred will announce her ‘October Surprise’ today.
Allred is doing her best to bring down Mitt Romney so that President Obama can “sail to victory.”  Allred reportedly said, “I’m a very proud supporter of President Obama. I was an elected Obama delegate to the democratic National Convention, I met with the President and his campaign advisors and we decided that this was best for the country and my career.”\

Allred reportedly added: “He’s been very kind to me and has offered me a job at the U.S. District Attorney’s office after he wins.  I will be heading up his Department of Women’s Rights. This will happen after I prove that Mitt Romney is an abuser of women, that he hates women.”
What is Allred’s bombshell?
It has been reported that Romney allegedly provided testimony in the bitter divorce of his friend and staunch advocate, ex-Staples CEO Tom Stemberg, that meant his ex-wife received a poor divorce settlement.  And, according to sources close to Allred, Romney’s testimony proves that he hates Tom’ Stemberg’s wife, his own wife and all wives on the planet – and that includes women who are not yet wives, or never will be wives.”

Romney, whose hedge fund, Bain Capital, was an investor in Staples before it became a household name, testified in the case that the company was worth virtually nothing and that his friend was a ‘dreamer.’
He testified during the hearings in 1988 that the company’s stock was ‘overvalued’ and that the future did not look good. Later he and Stemberg allegedly went to Goldman Sachs to cash in their stock for a massive payout, according to sources closet to Allred.
Here’s the woman at the center of the scandal, Margaret Stemberg:

His bitter ex-wife Maureen Stemberg claims this testimony effected how much she got from the settlement.
It is unclear what if any lump sum she got out of the divorce, but it is known she was awarded 500,000 shares in the company. She later went on to cash in half of these before the company went public – missing out on a huge windfall as stocks soared from $2 to $19.
There is no proof so far that Romney or Stemberg tried to mislead Mrs Stemberg or the court, but Mr Stemberg has yet to respond to a request for comment from MailOnline.

Romney’s lawyer Robert Jones said his client had no issues with the testimony being made public.
‘This is a decades-old divorce case in which Mitt Romney provided testimony as to the value of a company,’ he said. “He has no objection to letting the public see that testimony.”
The claims emerged as Gloria Allred, headed to court in Canton, Massachusetts with Stemberg’s ex-wife to reportedly attempt to unseal Romney’s sworn testimony and lift a gagging order on all parties involved.

The Boston Globe newspaper filed the application after reportedly receiving a tip-off that there was ‘juicy information about Romney’ in the sealed documents.

The Judge in Canton has agreed to unseal Romney’s testimony so that “President Obama can be re-elected and that Gloria Allred and I can receive high-paying jobs in the Obama Administration.”
There was a 2008 Lifetime documentary about the case, The Maureen Sullivan Stemberg Story: A Portrait in Courage, in which Ms. Stemberg gave an “in-depth account … of the interweaving relationships and strange bedfellow that business has made in her life… which include Mitt Romney.”
Gloria Allred reportedly said that she will spend all day Friday “on TV smearing and slandering Mitt Romney.”  She added, “I will do anything in my power to bring keep the Republicans out of The White House and hopefully, in the future, out of America.”
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  1. Shame on Gloria—Romney doesn't hate women. Gloria is going nuts in her old age. She doesn't care about the unborn, Obama's allowing the ambassador to be murdered and sodomized after being denied a desperate call for help, or Obama being a muslim sympathizer infiltrated into the White House, his attempts at destroying the U.S. econmomy, his anti Christian stance, never mentioning a protest for Christians being murdered and even crucified in Egyt,. and even his demand that Christian crosses be covered at a Catholic university, etc. He is The Great Pretender and Deceiver. The Big Talker and Little Doer. 16 trillion in debt and Gloria backs Obama because he was 'nice' to her. I thought she had brains and sensitivity. Incredible.


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