Originally titled,  Koran, the Musical, the new working title for Salman Rushie’s Broadway-bound show is rumored to be “The Book of Islam.” The creators of the smash Broadway musical hit, “The Book of Mormon,” as well as “Avenue Q” and TV’s “South Park,” have reportedly teamed with noted writer Salman Rushdie to develop their next religious comedic send-up, according to sources in Bayonne, New Jersey.

It is being described as The Mother of all musicals, the “end of times,” the story of a Prophet called… “‘you know who we mean.”
The Chorus of The Book of Mormon will appear in the new musical as well:

Kim Kardashian has been given a lead role in the new musical:

Actually, even these emperors of outrageous have mortal moments like this.  As funny as the material may be,  and given the fact that they know the show will be a “smash,” they are not “hitching their camels to this one.”  After getting extensive “feedback” from the Muslim community, they have reconsidered.
Reached by satellite phone in a safe house in Pakistan, this strange group of creative bedfellows acknowledged their limitations:  “Are you out of your fu*&* ing mind??  We may go over the edge – and like to stay there – but self immolation is not our style.” Mess with the ‘M’ word and you are dusty and SO dead.”
The four amigos added,  “We are choosing tongues and testicles, as in… NOT having them lopped off as a prelude to greater trauma.”
The Toni-award-bejeweled team clarified, “Now that’s not to say that we’ve gone completely d*ckless.  We are working up a scathing musical satire of Buddhism tied into agnosticism and Jehovah’s Witnesses…nothing is spared – even the Playbill is on newsprint.”


  1. thestory on here are so made up that its really funny , must be the reasonwhy it has never been talked about on tv . or any where but this website and the next out will be that mitt romney is going to run off with the money he raised in the election or that this website is going bank rupt because its soo fake ,

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