The Duchess of Cambridge was in New York City for the Fourth of July – celebrating America’s independence from England.

Kate Middleton flew to New York City yesterday and joined in the celebration of Independence Day.  She reportedly told sources that she felt that America was the greatest country on Earth and that she has always celebrated the Fourth of July.

There continue to be rumors that Princess Kate wants to leave England with her husband, Prince William, and settle in San Diego, California or Dallas, Texas – two of her favorite places in America.  “Kate doesn’t go for all that pomp and circumstance of the Royal Family and she quite dislikes the weather in England,” said a source close to a Royal Butler.

Pippa Middleton has been dying to move to America as well and there are reports that she Pippa will be moving to New York City in the near future to begin a career in fashion.  There are rumors that she will taking over as Editor-In-Chief of Elle Magazine.

Princess Kate partied in New York City with Katy Perry and enjoyed the fireworks.  “The Declaration of Independence is one of the greatest document ever written,” Princess Kate told a friend of Katy Perry.  “I want my independence from Great Britain as well.”

Sources told WWN that Kate feels that England has lost its role as a world power and she wants to be part of a country that she feels will continue to be the greatest on Earth for the foreseeable future.  And Kate told Katy Perry that Russel Brand was an example of how far the British have fallen.

So, will Kate take William and flee England?

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