6) HAVE A GOOD FIGHT.   Every now and then have a good, loud yelling fight.  Nothing physical. But if you really yell at each other, and are very passionate, it will ultimately lead to the bedroom, where you will have great sex.

7) SHOW HIM RESPECT! We Russian women laugh at western women because they  have a total lack of respect for the men they love.  If you don’t respect him, why are you with him?  He is your man and he deserves respect – give it to him.  If  you do this one simple thing – he will never leave you.
8) HOLD YOUR GAZE  – When you are speaking to your man or listening to him, make sure that you keep eye contact. This will assure him of your attention and your respect, which is empowering to any man.
9) FLIRT WITH HIS FRIENDS.  Russian women love to flirt with men, and there’s no reason to stop when you are married or in a relationship.  It will make your man jealous, and keep him fighting for you.  NEVER have an affair, but you can flirt.  It’s fun.

10)  STOP WHINING!  Western women are always whining, moaning, complaining.  Stop it!  Toughen up.  If you have a problem, solve it on your ow (or with your girlfriends), don’t keep whining and complaining to your man.  He’s tired of listening to your complaints – he really is.
11) ALWAYS DRESS SEXY –  Men are visually oriented and your man wants you to look hot all the time, so do that for him.  Even if you have to wear high heels around the house just to make him happy – do it.  Be sexy for him – all the time.  And always stay in great shape!
12) BE STRONG, INSIDE AND OUT.   This may seem to contradict #1, but you have to be soft and strong.  Men hate weak women.  You should be physically and emotionally strong.  Lift weights for your muscles and develop a stoic, cool emotional attitude. Men will love you for it.

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  1. I've always thought these types of articles were ridiculous. Women, you have been liberated. Why are some of you so desperate to go back to being slaves?

  2. I am Russian and I disagree with the statement that in order to keep a man happy the couple should have a glass of vodka every night! That's alcoholism if you ask me; it has nothing to do with keeping a good relationship.

    • I agree it gas nothing to do with having a happy partnership ,but every other night I would like that to share some vodka and light some candles turn some soft music on and hold her in my arms as we dance ,sounds really nice to me !

  3. just another russian stupidity … in all means … but who knows, if it applies to russian men, the subordination-role also applies to most sothern/latin culturs where men are macho-men (whatever that is … but girls and women, pleeease have your own opinion and search for a man who wants a woman in the light and not in his shadow. Also another hint here: the woman whch tries to satisfy a man with sex, probably has nothing in her head …

  4. I am married to a Russian woman and everything in this article is true. I was stunned by these things as I experienced them. I am also saddened by everyone's venemous comments. As on most American households, I make about 40% more salary than my wife but my American friends don't say "Get rid of her because you're a slave." A woman who has a domestic life isn't a slave. I know my wife would bristle at that notion. It isn't as if she has to wear a burka and not be educated or learn to drive a car for God's sake. Additionally, there are wonderful side affects. I think of my wife every minute of every day. I work as hard as I can so I feel that I've earned all she gives. I lavish her in gifts as much as I can and we make love almost every single night…because that is what she wants to have happen. I remind her very often that "all of this is not necessary for me to love her". But we feel strongly about doing things for each other out of love…not obligation. It just so happens that hers are more domestic and mine are more financial and physical labor. She is brilliant, funny, sexy and a wonderful mom. I try to earn her respect and love every day.

  5. I feel very disrespected as a woman. To only like a woman for these qualities… It's sickening. I have nothing against a woman who feels more comfortable staying at home. Yet, to say that this is how all woman should act, just to get a man is very fake. If a guy only likes a girl for these things, then he does not really love HER.
    The same for guys. Nothing but macho and manly. Not all men are like that. At least not all of them. There are so many sides to people, and to hide those other sides of yourself just to stay in a relationship with someone, then how can that possibly be a healthy relationship? It's practically lying. It's fake. I would want someone to love me for me. Not by my sewing, my cooking, cleaning, or how weak and helpless I am. But for my soul, my personality, and for the size of my heart, as I would do for them.

    • This isn't saying it's all you have to be for a man to like you. It isn't telling a woman to just do this and nothing more. It's saying, despite who you are, if you want your man to be happy, if you want your marriage to work, doing these things will go a long way. And, you have the choice not to do them. But, I can tell you, there are few men that would leave a woman who possessed these qualities. If that fact offends you, sorry. Quit being hypersensative and deal with reality.

    • You feel very disrespected… and…? It is good you are able to articulate your feelings, but the fact you feel disrespected is not a valid rebuttal. You may feel disrespected because the statements are bad, or you could feel disrespected because you have been trained by your feminist culture to have completely unreasonable expectations and views of relationships.
      Other than #9, I happen to agree with all. If a female finds these statements disrespectful, that would suggest to me that she are not ready for a mature relationship built on commitment and obligation, rather than on temporary feelings. And any relationships would thus predictably end, instead of lasting 50 years. Be well.

  6. Wow, I'm amazed at the number of Feminists who can't take criticism. So if anybody dares to disagree with you, then they are automatically wrong? No wonder men are choosing to take foreign women en masse to get away from the likes of you!

  7. Very true, very awesome Article. Example of how women are loved for being women! This restored hope in a russian chick/relationship as all my 'american' relationships have left me in depression and misery. American Chicks don't use logic for love, rather dominate with emotions of the outside world to lead the relationship and aren't willing to fight rather cheat when they want an easy way out. Hoes >_>

  8. Dave, the fact that you are calling the women you've dated "chicks" and "hoes" shows you have no respect for for the female gender. You may as well admit you beat them when they "get outta line" when you say they aren't willing to fight. If a woman cheats on you, it's because YOU aren't fulfilling a need in their lives as well. You can't expect to take take take and she just roll over for you like a good puppy. Try reading books from your own country about the women you associate with, I'm sure there's plenty if tips on how to treat a lady with respect to get the things you desire from her in return. Just sayin, smarten up women are people too buddy.

  9. I was working as a translator/interpreter for many International Dating Agencies in Russia and Ukraine the past 14 years of my life. I know some Russian women are like what you described them to be; but most are not.. Or perhaps – not any more.. The picture of a Russian woman being just a home-keeper, wife and mom is the pic that was true for mid and late 90ies when USSR just collapsed and many ladies felt like just finding a good man to be in a relationship in to avoid all the hardships in economy and life in general. In the past 10 years or so Russian women grew.. I'd say.. just much more goal-oriented (when it comes to life priorities) and selective (when it comes to relationships with men). They didn't become better or worse, just slightly different in their way of thinking. And they are no longer trying to marry "just any good western guy" to get them out of their country, they rather look for someone they can be compatible with in many different ways. And they pay less attention now at whether he is a local or a foreigner, they rather look for normal relationship.. I even wrote a book on all these changes the International Dating scene in the former USSR has gone through in the past 10 or 15 years, as those changes were really pretty dramatic.. My book is posted on my site <a href="http://www.iwka.net” target=”_blank”>www.iwka.net if anyone's interested to know more about it.

  10. when you men going to weak up Russian women is only intrusting in money and western men are easy ………just think about that……………

    • Nice to see you say Russian women are really great ,but did you have to leave a link to some dating site ? and why are you hiding your face ? are you scared or just promoting men to join some scam site that just charges for everything like e mails and chat ,then video cam ,of course you have to buy credits after your membership ,like most dating site that people work for and send the real busy woman on the profile that is called by your workers some guy might be interested in you after he sent 7 letters to who he believed was the woman in the photo ,every site is a scam and you should be a shamed if you work for these sites as a job to write letters for the real women

  11. Example of a great Russian man is Irina Schmallegger. This sexy Russian had sex with an Austrian in order to have a child then when the money ran out, she had sex with a Turkish man! Oh I wonder why Turkey will soon join the EU!! Russian women you sexy, manipulative things. Russian women will take it fast up the line or in the backside for an easy life; oh you sexy things. Te worst thing is one of her many children is a little girl- oh welcome to Irina part2. Then look up Irinka Schmallegger on facebook- another example of a sexy thing.

  12. This article is tongue and cheek, but at it's core is truth. I have been dating on-line a Russian woman for the past 5 months now and she is amazing! I think what it all really comes down to is, let us men be men and women be women. And respect goes both ways. As to the matter of getting out of Russia, I think that is a part of it, in at least some cases. The woman I know lives by herself with family nearby and really does not want to leave her country, but she will for the right man. Speaking for myself and her, based on what she has told me, there is something to be said for finding your other half in the next village over, as it were. That can be a powerful thing and add spice and be exotic at the same time. We can become bored with what we encounter everyday.


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