The day after Queen Elizabeth celebrated her diamond jubilee she has decided to abdicate – and wants Prince William to be king.
Queen Elizabeth took her coronation vows in 1952 and vowed to be Queen “ALL the days of my life.” The Queen  has always taken her royal duties seriously and will honor her vows.

BUT, times have changed.  Queen Elizabeth shocked royal watchers when she reportedly told insiders at Buckingham Palace that in the next few months she will step down as Queen – because she would like to see Prince William (not Charles) crowned King before she dies.

This report sent shock waves around Great Britain – and the world.  It would be the first time a sitting Queen – still with all her mental faculties – abdicates the throne.
“She want to make sure the monarchy survives as she wants it to, and if she is alive she can ensure that Prince William will become King,” said the insider.

But how can Prince William leapfrog his father to the throne?
“The Queen has a plan, and she knows it will work, while at the same time following royal family traditions and customs.”
Actually, the person she would most like to see on the throne is Princess Kate, who already has the hand wave down cold:

Queen Elizabeth has already spoken to her grandsons, William and Harry, about her wishes and Prince William seems pleased with her decision and is ready to take the throne:

This week Great Britain celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. The celebrations include parades, concerts, and community get-together’s on all scales, from small community picnics to enormous events for thousands of people.

In a colorful salute to the island nation’s maritime past, an armada of skiffs and sailboats, rowboats and paddle steamers joined a flower-festooned royal barge down a 7-mile stretch of London’s river.

With a crowd of rain-soaked spectators estimated by organizers at 1.25 million cheering from the riverbanks, the pageant was the largest public event in four days of celebrations of the monarch’s 60 years on the throne. On Monday, the queen will join thousands of revelers at an outdoor concert beside Buckingham Palace, headlined by pop royalty including Paul McCartney and Elton John.
The 86-year-old queen wore a silver and white dress and matching coat – embroidered with gold, silver and ivory spots and embellished with Swarovski crystals to evoke the river – for her trip aboard the barge Spirit of Chartwell, decorated for the occasion in regal red, gold and purple velvet.

When exactly will Queen Elizabeth abdicate?
“It will be after the Olympics, but before the new year,” said a royal insider.  “The Queen is happier than she has ever been and is thrilled with her decision.”
Long Live the Queen.
Long Live the new King!

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  1. I dont think Prince Charles can be King of the Agelican Church because he divorced Princess Diana. Although she supposedly died in an accident, I dont think it makes any difference. I dont think most Britains want Charles to be King because they are dissappointed with him and Camilla. The monarchy has no chance to last if Charles becomes King.

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  3. I sincerely wish for Prince William and Duchess Catherine to be Queen and king. Certainly I like millions of others wouldnt like that revolting Camilla and Charles to be in that position. Just look at the horrible way that that old witch treats Duchess Catherine. Catherine is really lovely and very pretty not like that other old bag.

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