WWN has confirmed that ‘Tanning Mom’ Patricia Krentcil will reportedly be posing for Playboy and will receive $2 million for doing so!

The tanorexic New Jersey mother has agreed to pose nude for Playboy.  “It will be an eight-page spread,” said a source close to Krentcil.  “Playboy has agreed to pay for the tanning sessions that Krentcil demanded in her contract.  She will look darker than ever for the shoot!”

The 44-year-old mom is excited to bare it all and says that anybody who has a problem with her posing for the publication is “ugly and stupid and jealous.”
Hef reportedly will personally be on hand for the shoot.  Hef has long been a supporter of tanning and there are some rumors that he has asked Krentcil to move into the Playboy mansion with her 5-year-old daughter.  “Hef has always been attracted to blondes and dark-skinned girls, so with Krentcil, he has everything in one feisty woman,” said a Playboy source.

Krentcil ignited debate about whether her tanning obsession went too far after it was alleged she let her young daughter go tanning.
The child reportedly complained to her school’s nurse of burns from the alleged tanning session.
Krentcil claimed the charges were fabricated and blamed her daughter’s burns on the sun, not artificial tanning methods. She pleaded not guilty.

The 44-year-old mom’s penchant for tanning and the resulting negative attention resulting from her arrest led one tanning franchise to ban Krentcil from using their services.
“It’s 100 percent true,” said a worker at the headquarters of Planet Sun, which does business within a short drive of Krentcil’s home in Nutley, N.J,   “She’s doing Playboy, and we’re so proud of her!”

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  1. No way would I want a woman like that! She must have something wrong in her head to want to look like that. Whats worse, shes trying to get her daughter to be that way as well. I wouldnt be surprized if she gets skin cancer further down the road.


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