The sign of the zodiac under which you are born, not only affects your personality and character, but all affects your choice of beverage.
Famous Russian astropsychologist, Vadim Levin, describes the perfect drink for your Zodiac sign.
Aries:  People born under this sign often drink beer, but many of them, including women, love vodka with tomato juice.   Aries men and women often have active lifestyles and this sometimes causes a shortage of body fluids, so  Aries folks drink more than any other zodiac sign.
Taurus:  Men of this sign like to drink beers, especially thick. Light, bright varieties of beer are not liked by this sign.   Women of this sign love wine of quality.  Men also do not mind a drink of wine, including the sweet varieties, but are also particularly fond of brandy.
Gemini:  The people of easy temper, and their drinks are usually light and playful.   They like variety and often like to try new wines.  But, according to their dual nature, sometimes they will reach for a shot of Tequila or Jack Daniels and really – let loose.

Cancer:  They prefer unpretentious beverages.   Often they drink small glass of beer or some soft drink. People of this sign love whipped cream, so they prefer cocktails to which they belong.  Irish coffee is a real favorite.  And chocolate milk.
Leo:  love expensive beers, especially with a lion on the label, it is desirable golden brown (a favorite color of the sign). They are also particularly prefer spirits and cocktails on the basis of citrus. In adulthood, the people of this sign are beginning to appreciate whiskey.
Virgo:   This sign an be divided into two groups: the first consists of connoisseurs of fine wines and luxury beers, the second – dry beverage lovers. The first group is concerned, from what and how the drink was made.   The second group is less picky, but they do not anything sweet in taste.   They like Martinis but are very picky about how they are made.
Libra:  People born under this sign usually drink a little, because they possess an innate sense of proportion. They are easy to taste, but quite sweet drinks. Preference for light beers, as well as a mixture of rum and fruit juices. As for champagne, to which the scales are not indifferent, it is preferable to all sweet.

Scorpio:  Three factors are important to the Scorpio: their drinks must be dark, strong and vigorous to have taste. In the premium dark beers. Scorpios love strong drinks.  Many drink vodka, but they actually prefer Cognac, especially a brand dark in color. Women of this sign love aperitifs and cocktails, as long as they are strong and dark.
Sagittarius:  Travelers by nature, people of this sign like the new and exotic, like a Korean vodka, where the bottle is a snake preserved in alcohol.  Sagittarians have a weakness for exotic labels and are drawn to any long bottle with a bright sticker,.
Capricorns tend to drink quite a bit of liquid. As for taste preferences, they have a sufficient premium spirits, having a dry bouquet: whiskey, gin and tonic. ” Vodka is too simplistic for them, unless they fit any elite brand such as “Absolute”.
Aquarius:  These people prefer a light beer such as “Lager”, or any other, with the words “light”.  It is desirable that the beer be cool (not cold). Aquarius astrologically match drinks, which you can sip during the conversation.  They also like champagne and anything bubbly.
Pisces:  People born under this sign are not particularly choosy in the selection of drinks.  They prefer vodka of weaker drinks – beer. Ideally, these people are most suitable for a drink that used to be popular: “Pernod”.
Drink up!
Diane Merlin, Pravda

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