WWN can confirm that legendary actress Marilyn Monroe worked with the Soviet secret service agency.
Marilyn Monroe developed an affair with a KGB agent back in 1958 . The iconic blonde was known in the KGB under the code name “Masha.”  This is all according to a documentary by former KGB employee Lyudmila Temnova and confirmed by WWN’s Soviet correspondents.
The documentary, titled “Monroe in the Land of Dostoyevsky” was shown in Russia at the end of last year, and has just been released to foreign theaters.

A Soviet agent, who was working under the diplomatic guise at the USSR Embassy at the UN, met with Monroe at a diner in Manhattan on a regular basis. The meetings were arranged by Nikita Khrushchev, and he often met with her personally.  The agent became fast friends with Monroe and their friendship soon developed into a love affair.
However, the film does not provide any direct evidence to prove Monroe’s cooperation with the KGB, but sources close to the Kremlin haver shown WWN documents that prove the affair existed.  WWN has seen the love letters from Monroe to the agent.

The agent, who wished to remain anonymous,  refused to reveal his name, because he feared for his life.  “The KGB does not tolerate their secrets being revealed.”
“My relationship with Marilyn was unforgettable. There was a certain tension in our relationship.  We both knew that the fact that we were together alone, we could still be heard and seen,” the agent said.

Marilyn soon became a KGB agent and provided the Soviet spy agency information she got directly from the White House, when she was there “visiting” President Kennedy.  “Without he information that Marilyn provided the KGB, the USSR would probably have lost the cold war in the 1960s.   Russia is very grateful to the work Marilyn did for us.”
WWN called the CIA for comment on this revelation, but… they did not call us back.



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