TEXAS –  An alien spaceship fired several shots over Texas over the last few weeks.
Fireballs were seen all across Texas in the last few weeks.  The United Nations Panel on Extraterrestrials has confirmed that the fireballs were shot from alien spaceships from Planet Gootan.

The odd part was that they were firing shots during the day.
“Gootans usually shoot at night,” said Dr. Banesh Bannerjee of the United Nations.  “It was clearly a Gootan ship and they were clearly warning shots.  We are monitoring the situation very closely.”

Just last week, a  daytime fireball at least a yard in diameter streaked across the  Houston sky.

Some dismissed them as meteors, but the United Nations is 100% positive that they were fired from Gootan ships.
There were 1,800 fireballs recorded so far – over the last month.


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11 thoughts on “FIREBALL OVER TEXAS”

  1. When will people wake up? There are no meteors! That's just a story invented to cover up the non-stop barrage of Gootan fireballs that have been going on throughout recorded history. Fortunately, we've been protected by a Zeeban fireball shield, also known as "the atmosphere" — but how long can it last?

    • hey i was wondering were that theory came from about the force field .AKA the atmosphere . enlighten me !

  2. Warnshots without an understandable warning, that makes them seem on the same level as a homeless person yelling at themself. Stupid goo heads!!

  3. If aliens are really there then upload their photos, why are you showing this uncleared some lightning pictures and spreading unnecessary rumors…!

  4. obviously,their is some type of enities that are in our favor .cause we are still here an no beams of light have been emitted from an alien force an wiped out our home we call earth . . ……………………………………………….an why are humans so dumb to alll the facts that are right in your face on a daily basis .that their is other life forms out there .all it takes for a skeptic to see the light is for that person to take everything they think they know (beliefs) an suspend them an do a thorough investigation. must a person really see a picture of an alien being to be sure ????????? thier is way to much evidence to be sooo nieve. i think everyone deep one the inside feels somthing brewing wether they will admit it or not .i think people are scared of losing authority an of change !

  5. i already announced this 2 years ago old news to me earth is going to be attacked but we are not alone in this the Zeba,s & the Eben,s are going to help us 🙂 besides the Gootan has more enemies than you think .
    What i know =
    Ebe,s Planet SERPO in Zeta Reticuli
    Trantaloid,s Planet SILUS in Zeta Reticuli (HAV) extinct by the ebens during galatic warfare
    Septeloids, Orion,s belt Planet= unknown (HAV)
    Anuakki Planet Nibiru (stray planet)
    Gootan Planet= unknown Star= Gootan
    Zeba Planet= unknown Star= Seba
    Archquloid Planet PONTEL near the Cygnus Arm
    Quadloids Planet OTTO in Zeta Reticuli (genetically engineered by the Ebens)
    Heplaloids Planet DAMCO near the Cygnus Arm
    i will not reveal anymore info as i will be declared as a lunatic if i told it 🙂
    by the way i like the tought up names for them XD

  6. I can’t believe this! Fireballs, meteors and all! Are they real! I have never heard any serious scientific study that has proved the existence of these kinds of objects! If they were real why can’t scientists produce convincing photographs <a href="http://www.gripgoscams.com” target=”_blank”>www.gripgoscams.com


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