The British biologist has 600 children.  And they all want money from Daddy!
About 600 people might be able to call Bertold Wiesner “Dad.”
The British biologist who operated a fertility clinic since the 1940s may have fathered between 300 and 600 children. Until recently, it was unknown Wiesner had been making most of the sperm donations at the clinic that has helped nearly 1,500 families conceive children.

But two men who were conceived at the center have recently come forward with research and DNA tests that suggest Weisner fathered a multitude of offspring.
Here’s Bertold’s children at a family get-together:

Today, laws in the United Kingdom prohibit men from making bulk donations , in order to eliminate the possibility of two siblings meeting and procreating, according to the report.
But in the United States, some sperm banks have no set regulations to prohibit men from donating multiple times, according to a September report by ABC News.
Another one of Bertold’s 340 sons:

One Washington mother discovered her son, who was conceived using sperm from a donor, had at least 150 half-siblings.
Curiously ALL of Bertold’s children are nudists:

Kirk Maxey, a former sperm donor, estimates he’s fathered about 200 to 400 children.

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