SACRAMENTO, CA – The Easter bunny lost his head!
The Easter Bunny surprised children , sending waves of giggles throughout his audience when dancing in character.
Every wiggle, shaking his large cotton tail, and stomp of his over-sized shoebox-like feet, spread smiles from ear to ear.

The trouble came, however, when given some room to run.
Dashing across some grass while carrying an Easter basket in one hand, the excited reporter tripped, landing on his side but knocking his plush, smiling head square off.

A stunned boy looked on nearby – not know what to do to save the poor bunny.

High-pitched voices can be heard not screaming on the video.

Desperately snatching at the head blindly to not show his face, the reporter pops the head back on and jumps erect to his feet.

 All would perhaps be over, however, if he had managed to put it on face front.

The kids scream and shout their comments in the background – the foreground child taking a step back – while the surviving Easter Bunny spins his head face front.
The Easter Bunny got up, but put his head on backward.

The Easter Bunny promises to get his head on straight and will be back next year!
[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxQNUrg9Fb8&feature=player_embedded&w=480&l=385]

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  1. My sympathy goes out to the reporter. I once was a mascot for a radio station, and those costumes arent that much fun to wear.

  2. This actually happend 4/24/2011. It was at my home. My kids thought it was very funny, and he came back again this year in the same costume, and the kids loved it! 🙂


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