NEW YORK – There’s a new snake exhibit at Grand  Central Station, featuring the Titanotebow.
Mark Sanchez is co-sponsoring the exhibit, along with The New York Atheist Society.  It features the largest snake in the history of the world, alongside the hottest quarterback in the country.  The exhibit is being called Titanotebow.

The Jets approve of the marketing campaign and want to use the ancient, enormous snake as a new symbol for the Jets.  “We’re getting tired of “Jets” symbolism… and “the snake” adds a new element.
The New York Atheist Society said that the snake is a perfect counter-weight to Tebow.  “Tebow represents God and Christ and the snake represents Satan, so we think it all kind of balances out and football fans can watch the game without prejudice,” said Don Wilton of the NYAS.
The Jets plan on mounting a large Titanotebow in front of MetLife Stadium and want to encourage fans to bow to it.  “The snake is our new mascot,” Rex Ryan reportedly told a reporter for the Bergen Record.

Tim Tebow has a press conference scheduled for later today and his representatives say that he will be discussing the Titanotebow.  “Tim just wants to do a good job for the Jets and if he’s associated with a snake, so be it.  It’s God’s will,” said  a member of Tebow’s inner circle.
There is no word from the snake about Tebow.
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