Giant pandas make some of the best tea in world.  And they make it every day!
An Yashi, a lecturer at Sinchuan University, is collecting excrement from pandas at a breeding center in Chengdu to make what is the world’s most expensive tea at $200 a cup, Reuters reported.
He said panda feces is rich in fiber and nutrients and creates a unique aroma for the tea blend.  “It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

An said the panda’s stomach acids and enzymatic action only absorb about 30 percent of everything they eat, which creates a unique process to fertilize the tea plants. He believes that produces the perfect ingredients for the world’s rarest tea.
According to the Huffington Post, An claims the tea can rake in upward of $36,000 per pound, and he’s hoping to achieve a Guinness World Record with his first sale.
Dressed in a panda suit to promote his tea, he invited a dozen or so guests to help hand-pick the first batch of tea at his plantation over the weekend, Reuters reported.

An defended the steep price, saying he would channel profits from the initial batches into an environmental fund. Future batches would be cheaper, he added.
“I thank heaven and earth for blessing us with this environmental panda tea,” the 41-year-old former teacher and journalist said at a weekend event to promote the tea.
The pandas are busy every day making the tea.  “They are like a machine that is churning out tea.” An said. “They keep eating and they keep producing feces.  It’s a miracle.”
The tea is described tea as “fragrant and smooth.”  Some of his guests, however, were not impressed.  “It takes like sh*t,” said one tourist from London.

Not to be outdone, some entrepreneurs in New Jersey are using Deer Poo to make eat.  “Hey, they Chinese don’t have enough pandas to make poo, we got plenty of deer here in Jersey.  And these deer drop a lot, so we got plenty of Deer Poo Tea for everybody,” said Vinny Castaldi of Garfield

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  1. Deer and rabbit poo can be eaten if youre lost in the woods and youre desperate for something to eat, but I never heard of making tea out of it. 😛

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