At a major cat show, this Don Sphynx cat is universally considered – the world’s scariest cat.
The scary looking feline was showcased in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan this weekend.  This cross kitty turned heads with his teeth shaped like four fangs and a blood-red tongue.
Some cat show enthusiasts thought that they saw the cat drinking blood out of his cat bowl.

With black wrinkly skin he also showed off his piercing green and black eyes and ears pricked and alert like horns
Despite his unfortunate looks a delighted blonde behind him is clearly relishing his five minutes in the spotlight.

Surprisingly they are described as affectionate, playful and sociable as well as highly intelligent.
The Don Sphynx is hairless and is of Russian origin. The breed first emerged in 1987 in the city of Rostov-on-Don in Russia.
This cat was also in Bishkek was not happy about all the attention the Don Sphynx cat was getting.    Little Leviathan wants to be the scariest:

Elena Kovaleva, a professor of the State Pedagogical Institute, discovered some young boys playing football with a bag. Inside the bag was a terrified kitten who she took home and adopted but the cat grew up losing her hair and went on to give birth to hairless kittens.
Emily Allen
Daily Mail 

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