Every four years the Leap Day Monster appears.  This year, it’s attacking people in Arkansas and Alabama.
February 29th happens once every four years and each time it occurs, citizens across the country report being attacked by a Leap Day Monster, who looks something like the image above.
The Leap Day Monster has six arms, five legs and is shaped like an oversized worm.  It usually is first sighted a dawn on Leap Day and disappears by midnight, never to be seen again.

In 2008, thirty-nine people in  Washington, Idaho and Montana lost their lives to the Leap Day Monster.  Authorities and the media covered up the attacks and they are listed in public records as “heart attacks”, but most of the people that lost their lives were women in their thirties or forties and they all have severe bite marks.
“I lost my sister, Wendy, on the last leap day.  It’s horrible,” said Janet Thompson of Olympia, Washington.  “She was doing her laundry when the monster came in, chased her around, bit here and… broke her heart.”
This woman saw the monster in 2008 and hasn’t been the same since:

From what WWN learns, the Leap Day Monster frightens it’s victims, thus stunning them. Then the victims fall madly in love with the monster, and rushes toward him, only to have the Monster grab them, squeeze them and… break their hearts.  It’s an unusual and awful death.  The Leap Day Monster usually attacks women who are alone, but each time there have been more and more witnesses.
“I was getting a slurpee from my 7-11 at 8 am before work and I seen him,” said Todd Bench of Boise.  “It was purple and ugly.  It attacked the woman and before I can even get to it… it was gone.”
“The good part about it is that I am only reminded of her date of death every four years,” said Sal Winklens of Helena.  His wife died on horseback on their ranch.

The Leap Day Monster takes pride in simply scaring people, too.  Many have seen the Leap Day Monster in 2012, in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Selma, Alabama.  “I’m glad that thing only attacks white people,” said Frances Christmas of Selma.  “I do not want to see that thing.”
This man, Chad Billings, from Hope, Arkansas, claims to have seen the Leap Day Monster.

Authorities are going to have a tough time catching the monster.  He won’t be back until 2016.

Monster pictured above is from Pixar film … “Monsters, Inc.”
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    • you'll need to roll a d20, but because it's leap year you'll have a negative 4 to your save check…

    • I rolled an 18, but I don't remember what level I'm at. I lost my character sheet about a year ago. ;P

  1. im so happy i dont live around there but thanks for getting the word out ill be going to that area in for years to investagate this monster

  2. That picture is from Monsters Inc, a movie done by Disney – Pixar. If they ever see this, they'd sue this ridiculous, worthless "news" site for everything they have.

  3. Why is it that leap years have repeatedly such horrible tragedies. Seriously. 10 leap years in my lifetime, each with its own major tragic event or threat or event. I’m telling you, there actually is a real demon attached to this, but I sincerely doubt its a 6 armed heartbreaker. lol Google the leap years and world catastrophes. I just wonder, is it like the movie Cabin In The Woods where the old ones must be fed in a certain way in order to prevent global destruction and it happens only on Leap years or something…. either way….really weird. Weird enough to make me start taking deep note of the world around me.

    Number of leap years (1983 – 2022) 10
    List of leap years between 1983 and 2022 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020


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