Rumors are swirling that Facebook is using mind control techniques to control the lives of users.   Is FB planning a world takeover?
Mind Control experts at CIA Headquarters in Quantico, VA met with WWN in New York last week to discuss – Facebook.
The CIA experts wanted WWN to keep their identities private, but they went on the record to discuss a detailed strategy that Facebook is utilizing (with help from the CIA) to control the minds of Americans, and citizens around the world.
“Facebook is slowing implementing a plan to get Americans and people around the globe to behave in ways that they believe is best for the planet,” said one of the sources.  The whole idea of “status updates” was to get users involved in a mindless (and supposedly harmless) activity, posting what they were doing at any moment in the day. But, Facebook has been collecting that “data” and using it to create mind control applications that are being places on Facebook pages.”

According to the sources, sometime in 2012, Facebook will release a targeted mind control application that will “instruct” users to do a specific task.  What is Facebook planning to get Facebook users to do
“That we can not tell you,” the CIA source said. “But we can tell you that with this one simple application, they can take over the world.  They will have about one-sixth the population of the entire world carrying out a plan that will make the other five-sixths of the world – slaves to their directives.  It’s a very scary situation.”
Sources said The Obama Administration is reportedly involved with the Mind Control Facebook application and rumors are that the app will “attack” users in October of this year – right before the November elections.

According to reported CIA sources, part of the strategy behind Facebook was to get everyone to post every aspect of their lives in a public forum, so that mind control algorithms can properly influence and direct the mind of the user.
“The biggest challenge for Facebook are the people that are NOT on Facebook,” said the CIA source.  “These non-users are real threats to the mind control application, that’s why Facebook is doing everything it can to marginalize those people, in effect, making them ‘disappear’ from the planet before the mind control application is launched.”
Facebook has been sending subliminal messages to users for the past two years, according to sources, so they have already “softened up” the minds of users, particularly young people.   “Young minds are easier to control that older fixed mindsets,” said the source.

Why did the CIA sources come to WWN?
“We tried to go to the mainstream media outlets, but they would not give us the time of day.  It is clear that the mainstream media, around the world, is colluding with Facebook.  We have come here to warn the American people and citizens around the world.  Beware of Facebook… protect your mind!”
Do you think FB is practicing mind control????
WWN, the world’s only reliable news source, will continue following this breaking story…

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23 thoughts on “FACEBOOK MIND CONTROL”

  1. I warn, and pose the question about UFOs, their own spies, their own sabatage plans! …not to go on spreading too much bait on earth.

  2. wow great article i have been involved with exposing the occupy movement and the mind control that is being used by the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE and the G.A.s being run by COMMON PURPOSE graduates. If you dont know who the names are in caps do a little google with them names in CAPS with such things as mind control etc and see what you find.
    We have also done a few films on youtube exposing them, they are called…..
    You can find me on facebook/youtube under COMMONLY KNOWN AS DOM
    peas n love dom

  3. every time i use fb…i could have just woke from a whole nights sleep and bam…out like a light…to me that's weird i am not a napper…and i use to go on a lot…now i youtube a lot, so surprise surprise last to days passed out..for bout an hour…both times on fb. i shit u not and that's why i am now searching this very topic…if u don't believe try to stay away from fb for a few days, go to another site…then play a game, you'll be out like a light

    • The games are quite funny aren't they. Have you noticed any dreams where you are scrolling down and there are images of things unrelated? Any dreams relating to facebook at all?

  4. Google
    Etc are all distractions to keep people busy and not holding governments responsible.

  5. Facebook will silence you when you speak about God and physics in ways that make sense to the public. When you “request a review” Facebook will apologize for their mistake and claim they’ve corrected it, but will still have you silenced afterwards without a review option. There is no customer service. Shaking your phone to “report bugs” will does not get taken seriously by Facebook. Facebook is like a government of it’s own. Its does what it wants regulardless of what the people want, so that it could feed information and make people think it’s what they want and think it’s all they know in a way. I’m tired of adult people, the government, social media, Google, YouTube, and all the mind/life control nonsense created by the first thing I mentioned in this sentence.


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