A shrimp trawler off the coast of Maine caught one of the world’s biggest lobsters!
The lobster, of which scientists are not sure of the age, measures 40 inches long. For comparison purposes, average lobster size is 10 to 20 inches.
The lobster was caught on Friday by fisherman Robert Malone.
Malone named it Rocky, because it was caught near Rockland, Maine.

He gave it to the Department of Marine Resources, which says it has never seen a lobster this big.
Rocky will soon be released back into the wild, where it will live a normal life.
The biggest lobster ever caught in Maine, with claws strong enough to snap a man’s arm, was given to the Department of Marine Resources for its aquarium in Boothbay Harbor. And they released the giant lobster.

The lobster is the biggest ever brought to the aquarium, surpassing the previous biggest one by 4 pounds. It’s downright huge compared to lobsters people eat, which typically weigh between 1 and 2 pounds.
The biggest lobster on record was caught off Nova Scotia and weighed more than 44 pounds.

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