The “Two and a Half Men” actor will be honored at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.
In a move seen as odd by many cinephiles, Hollywood insiders and outsiders, actor Ashton Kutcher will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 84th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 26. The “Two and a Half Men” star is 34 years old.
The surprising decision comes in a year in which the Oscars are reaching out to younger audiences, vamping up the online presence and social media interaction between the Academy and viewers. One source within the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences insists that age shouldn’t matter with this particular award.
“It’s really more about the body of work,” said the source, who asked to not be named. “Ashton has had a long, far-reaching career that rivals any Hollywood veteran.”
The source went on to cite Kutcher’s filmography. including his work on “What Happens in Vegas,” “The Guardian,” “Just Married,” “The Butterfly Effect” and, most recently, 2011’s romantic comedy “No Strings Attached,” in which Kutcher starred alongside Oscar-winning thespian Natalie Portman, as the reason for the honorary award.

The source noted that much of his work is not as celebrated or appreciated as it should be, particularly the comedy “Dude, Where’s My Car?” — the cult comedy known as a culture touchstone that is said to represent this generation’s sense of humor.
Kutcher has been a part of much controversy on and off the set as of late, as the actor recently took over after Charlie Sheen’s infamous exit from “Two and a Half Men,” and an announced divorce from his ex, Demi Moore, after six years of marriage. One message board commenter said pity is no reason to garner an Oscar.
“I think it’s pathetic,” said user SilentBob27, “they just want to attach themselves to a young actor because they think it makes the awards more relevant. I will not be watching it this year.”

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  1. I like Ashton too,but still not a good enough reason to get a "LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD"
    At his age? The academy say they want to reach out to the young people? BS. Why has this source gone on record about Kutchners filmography and not given his name. Very suspect.

  2. What Happens in Vegas? Just Married? The Butterfly Effect? I like him, but its nowhere near Oscar material, nor a reason for a Lifetime Achievement. Can think of other "young" actors/actresses that would be far better candidates.

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