The Los Angeles Police Department is taking action to stop local real estate agents from using predator drones against each other.

Real estate has always been a competitive business, but in Los Angeles… it’s war.

Many L.A. real estate agents had been using drones to simply take pictures of properties.   Large drones were often seen flying above Westside residences.

But the drones from competing real estate agencies were flying into each other and causing major disturbances for local citizens.  SO real estate agents began using armed predator drones to knock the competition’s drones out of the sky.  Then THAT escalated and now the real estate drones have been attacking the buildings of competitors over the last weeks.

There’s, literally, a real estate war in Los Angeles.

The LAPD has stepped in.  “We intend to put an end to this real estate war in short order,” said LAPD  Sgt. Marco Gonzalez.

Drones used by real estate agencies range from as small as a VW bug to  as large as a commercial jet.

Federal regulations prohibit the operation of unmanned aircraft in U.S airspace without specific permission, though the rules do allow hobbyists to fly model planes in designated areas.

Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams are the two companies using the largest drones and seem to have the edge on all the competitors.

“Coldwell Banker has been taking out Keller Williams’ offices one by one,” said Gonzalez.  “There’s been a lot of casualties, but Keller Williams is beginning to fight back and they have some boots on the ground in Santa Monica trying to sabotage the Coldwell Banker drone fleet.”

“This is OUR city,” said one Keller Williams agent (nicknamed T-Bone) told WWN.  “By the time LAPD stops us we will have wiped Coldwell Banker off the L.A. map.”

But this Coldwell Banker elite team, nicknamed Acre Team Six, vows to finish off Keller Williams first:

The LAPD is using its own drones to take out the various drones from the real estate “gangs.”

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