ATLANTA –  Former President Jimmy Carter has reportedly headed to North Korea to help with the transition of power.
North Korea’s state-run news agency is reporting that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter expressed his condolences following the death of brutal dictator Kim Jong II.
“In the message Jimmy Carter extended condolences to Kim Jong Un and the Korean people over the demise of leader Kim Jong Il,” read a report on the Korean Central News Agency’s website.

Kim Jong Un was so touched that he asked President Carter to travel to North Korea to help him with the transition of power.  The former American President reportedly happily accepted.   Sources say he was a “big admirer” of Kim Jong-il.

As the North Korea media reported,  “President Carter wished Kim Jong Un every success as he assumes his new responsibility of leadership, and is looking forward to coming to North Korea to help make sure there is no change in government and that North Korea can continue to serve it’s people and its  leaders.”
The Korean Central News Agency is not normally an accurate news outfit , but The Washington Times also reported that Carter hasn’t denied the report.  And given some of his eccentric policy comments over the past several years, Carter’s condolences to Pyongyang might not come as much of a surprise.
Is he really traveling to North Korea to aide the new dictator?
“I wouldn’t be surprised.  Carter has a soft spot in his heart for dictators,” said a source close to a Senator in Georgia.

Carter has visited North Korea twice since 1994. After an attack on a South Korean island last year, Carter said it was “designed to remind the world that they deserve respect in negotiations that will shape their future.”

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  1. Democrats as other credulous and naive Americans had a special devotion to the ''dear leader''
    So it is fiting that Carter would make the pilgrimage to Pyongyang to represent the leftys and
    join in the weeping and cying.Three Kims and youre out.

  2. Is FranK Lake a drop out from the liberal media ? His beating around the bush sure poses the
    question…like the reference to a senator from georgia that he chickens out of naming.Perhaps
    Lake should be appointed to permanent correspondent in Pyongyang.


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