LOS ANGELES – Miley Cyrus turned 19 recently and on Saturday night she was given the prestigious Marley Award – for being the biggest stoner of 2011.
“Wow.  Cool.  Yeah, this is like the highlight, of my, um… what was the question?”    That’s what Miley Cyrus told a packed audience at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for the annual Real High Awards, held every year (if they remembers) in Los Angeles.
Miley celebrated her 19th birthday last week at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. by smoking three ounces of Afghan Train pot (medicinal grade).  Joining her in the toke where her parents, Kelly Osbourne, Rumer willis, twenty-three dwarfs and two unicorns.   Nicki Minaj also was there but reportedly there, but Miley thought she was a lamp.

Miley got a BIG surprise at her party.  She was told she had won the prestigious Marley Award for the biggest stoner in America.  “Whoa… that’s rad… I’m so glad I switched from salvia.”
Miley then had a giggling fit that lasted about three hours.  At the end she said, “I see a triple rainbow!”  Then she told WWN, “I’m proud to be America’s biggest stoner, you can never smoke too much f***in’ weed.  Now hand me my duck whistle.”
Miley received her award at a smoke-filled Shrine auditorium.  The event was two hours late getting started, but finally a man dressed like Mr. Magoo walked on stage and gave Miley her award.  Miley stared at the podium for twenty minutes and then made a rambling, laughter-filled speech that ended with… “I see marbles!!”

The crowd nodded off and Shrine employees had to bring in Pothead Cleaners to get them out.  But the audience members that remembered the event said it was… “vibrational.”
Miley is already smoking several bags of weed, making a bid for two Marley’s in a row!

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