CAMBRIDGE, MA –  Vinny Guadagnino has been hired as guest lecturer at Harvard, Yale and Columbia.
Vinny from “Jersey Shore” will be giving regular sociology lectures at Harvard, Yale and Columbia.  His main focus (and expertise) is “deviance” – a subject that Vinny is an expert on.
“Professor Guadagnino really enlightened me on deviant behavior and how I should go about it,” said Ashley Markowitz at sophomore at Columbia.  “After class, he tied me up and explained it all in more detail for me.”

In class, Vinny spends a lot of time talking about being bullied growing up.  He was bullied as a child and then became an expert on how to bully.   “I learned that the best thing you can do is to become a bully, so that you don’t have to be a victim all the time,”  Guadagnino told students at Yale.  “You really have to know how to insult people in a way that really hurts them on an emotional level.”
Some overachievers at Harvard were not happy to be paying big bucks to have Vinny from Jersey Shore as a professor.  “My Dad is not paying $50,000 a year so I can learn crap from Vinny,” said Maria Shadioni a junior psychology major.
Shadioni confronted Vinny during class, “What gives you, as a cast member of ‘Jersey Shore,’ the right to  lecture us on anything?”
Vinny — who wasn’t big on speech and debate in high school — fired right back.  “Because I’m on television and I’m a somebody.  You’re not on television and you’re a nobody.”
Vinny went on to say that he would have sex with Maria to help her understand how important he is.

Representatives from Yale, Harvard and Columbia told WWN that they are proud to have “Vinny from Jersey Shore” on their adjunct faculty and hope he stays for a long time.   “Our kids demand the best and Vinny is the best guido in the world,” said Dr. Randall Myers, Dean of Sociology at Yale.
Good luck, Professor Vinny…



  1. People should have a more open mind when they get to higher education, you can always learn something from someone else. I studied entertainment law in the early 80’s and Charles Nelson Riley gave a great speech to us on what you can and can’t say about gay people by using euphemisms.
    Still miss ya “Chuck”!

  2. Agree 100% with :Ashley. A great waste of talent, for this guy to be publishing ridiculous articles. Put your skills to better use and stop misleading people!


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