CAMDEN – The dazzling display of aurora light that happens every year over New Jersey – amazed skywatchers once again!

Every October, skywatchers travel from all over North America, Canada and Sweden and come to New Jersey to catch the most amazing display of aurora light.  And this year was no different.  “It was real cool,” said Jersey housewife, Teresa Giudice.  “I love lights and sky and color.  So, yeah it was nice.  Jersey is the best.”

Monday night (Oct. 24), the Jersey sky was painted with with striking green and even rare red hues.

The aurora display, also known as the northern lights, or the Jersey Lights, was touched off by a wave charged particles unleashed by a massive sun storm on Saturday, which took two days to reach Earth, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center operated by the National Weather Service and NOAA.

“These were the most vibrant I’ve ever seen,”  New Jersey skywatcher Sal Fiori of  Bayonne told WWN. “I was also able to see red with my naked eye, which I’ve never seen before either.  It blew my freakin’ mind.”

Governor Chris Christie missed the event because he was judging a cannoli eating contest in Sea Girt.  But he heard that it was beautiful.  “Yeah, everything is beautiful in Jersey.   And no, I’m not running for President.  But maybe I am.”

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Susan Begley of Morristown  expected a good aurora light show, but was surprised by the sheer brilliance of Monday night’s light show.

“I’d taken a few pics, went back to the car to change lenses, and when I looked up the sky was on fire,” Begley said. “To the north there was this huge curtain that sent beams overhead to a corona in which I had to turn to the south to photograph. That’s when I noticed the reds and pinks starting to happen. From there the lights were every which direction. It was hands down the best Jersey Lights I’ve ever seen.  I think I saw a double rainbow, too.”

“Hands down the most amazing northern lights display that I have ever witnessed,” said Chuck Bench of Red Bank. “It was like I was looking at heaven.”  Chuck’s wife later told WW that Chuck was asleep on the couch during the Jersey Lights.  “He’s a slob,” she said.

There’s still time to catch some of this year’s Jersey Lights.   They should be visible for the rest of the month.

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  1. Colors appear real I lived in Libenzel New Jersey and Newark where I did 15 mile walkathon came in 4th place there and in Avon Park near Tampa Florida ,Somelady has been sending me cloud images of Gods hands its really easy to capture these images on film pirates once used these skies and other travelers to spin frequently around the globe when discovery was necessary.Spelling of Libenzel well just a guess it was in the mountains a square building camp with basketball court and frogs in country near churches we attended had stage at our camp and a swing set even a beehive they our guys knocked out of tree it was a 2 foot comb wow I saw 100 bees and hornets try to flow there on walkway it was a human detour a few days . We had a lightning strike as I washed dishes knocked me back 7 feet wagon wheel ceiling lamps dining Area.


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