HOLLYWOOD – Mr. Kim Kardashian, who also plays basketball, was asked by producers of his wife’s reality show to get butt implants to match his wife’s.  And he’s doing it!

Kris Humphries is trying to fill his time waiting for the NBA season to start, spending a lot of time with the producers of his wife’s hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  “Kris is brilliant, he might have a career some day as a reality director. I  can see him winning an Emmy one day,” said Joe Fazarino, executive producer of the show.

He’s not worried about the dangers and the accident his wife had: Kim Kardashian’s Butt Explodes

“Kris came up with a brilliant idea for a running segment on the show,” Fazarino said.  “There are many comments from viewers about Kim’s butt implants and, frankly, how good her butt looks and Kris thought that since he was not as well ‘endowed’ in that department as his wife, he thought it would be cool if he went and got some implants.  And we think it’s an awesome idea.”

You can see why Kris has bottom envy:

This is the butt shape Humphries wants:

Humphries will undergo the knife next week in Beverly Hills, with his wife (and camera crew) right there to record it all.  “Kris is comfortable with his decision,” said Beverly Hills plastic surgeon,  Issac Weitzman.   “It’s something he wants and Kim supports him fully.  I always tell my patients, if it makes it feel good.  Do it.”

Some are not so happy about the decision.  “This is nuts!” said Sal Grimaldi, executive of the New Jersey Nets organization.  “If he thinks he can play basketball on the level he’s been playing with butt implants, he has completely lost his mind.  That Kim witch has put some kind of voodoo hex on him.”

WWN checked with prominent sports doctors around the country, and while they had never heard of a professional athlete with butt implants, they were sure that after a short period of adjustment Humphries could play at the level of his skill and that he would also “look great” doing so.

Trouble in Paradise?

Some Kardashian insiders are speculating that Humphries is doing it to placate Kim, because their short marriage has already been a bit rocky.  And he’s not too popular in the famil.

“Everyone in the family hates Kris… Kris and Kim’s brother Rob argue nonstop because Kris is always talking down to him,” said a source close to Khloe Kardashian.  “Kris asked Khloe if herhusband Lamar was gay and if their marriage was a cover-up. She was offended and really ticked off!”

Another insider revealed that Kris is not feeling the authenticity of his marriage and relationship with Kim:  “Just days before walking down the aisle Kris freaked out. He doesn’t like how their relationship is all for the cameras …. Kim’s mom convinced him to go through with it.”

Well… can the butt implants save this marriage?   Will Kris be the laughing-stock of the NBA?  Will Kim want to get even bigger butt implants?

Stay tuned…

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