LOS ANGELES:  Halloween shops are reporting that the Casey Anthony Costume is a huge bestseller this year!

“Everybody wants to be Casey for Halloween,” said Todd Winkman of  Spook, the top Halloween store in Los Angeles.  “We can’t keep the costumes in the store.   It’s probably the most popular costume in the last decade.”

WWN also spoke with the owner of Trubie’s, one of the largest international manufacturers of Halloween costumes – and they confirmed that the Casey Anthony costume and the Casey Anthony masks are selling like hotcakes.

“Nothing is even close, we’ve had to had extra shifts to handle the demand,” said Ward Bench of Trubies.  “There is a crazy high demand.”

There are rumors that Anthony attorney, Jose Baez, inked a deal so that Casey profits from the sale of the costumes.   If so, Anthony could make over $2 million this Halloween – that’s a low estimate according to sources close to Baez.

Some disappointed Anthony wannabees are improvising.  Many are just buying up the famous pink tuxedo shirt that Anthony wore the day of her verdict.

Here she is wearing it on the big day:

Others are just dressing up like Casey did on one Halloween.

So, Halloween 2011 belongs to Casey Anthony.   Even O.J. (still in prison) is going to dress up like her.

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  1. I am not sure who is the sickest puppy here, the people making this costume or the people wearing it!!!!!! How in the world anyone could be in support of this woman is beyond me. I will never support this company in anything I buy, I can promise you that. And I will not contribute one red cent to anything that could benefit Casey Anthony. If, and I say IF, she did not kill her child, she knows who did!!!!! God be with her on judgement day!!!!!

  2. Casey will no doubt be out on Halloween looking for the real killer like O.J. did when he looked all over the finest private golf courses for his ex wife's killer.

  3. I'm just gonna have to say ,, WHOEVER,,,, WHOEVER BUYS THESE COSTUMES OF THIS CRAZY B@#$T IS LOOKING TO GET THIER ASS WHOOPED, OR GET KILLED . I don't understand how can someone support this woman for something soo ruthless, and cold to her own child and half of the world is supporting casey to go out and kill again. How would the ones that is supporting casey that killed her children feel if casey anthony was to kill to go back out on a rampage and kills again? I think they would still support her.

  4. A Casey Anthony costume? I say interesting as long as the wearer isn't mistaken for the real deal and the real 1 doesn't get money off the sales.

  5. this gross yall are making her rich…smh i will not support her & frankly i want to slap anyone i see rocking a costume of her

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