BALTIMORE – A bleach fight broke out in a Maryland Wal-Mart.

Things got crazy at a Wal-Mart in Baltimore.

Theresa Monique Jefferson and another woman were fighting with bleach and ammonia according to police.  And then the rest of the customers joined in and started throwing all sorts of cleaning products around.

Authorities say Theresa Monique Jefferson, 33, and another woman threw bleach and another chemical on each other during the fight, prompting authorities to evacuate the store for two hours and call in a hazardous materials team.

Fire officials say 19 people had to be taken to hospitals, although only one was thought to have serious injuries.

The alleged fight took place in the Lansdowne Station Shopping Center in Baltimore.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the argument between Jefferson and the other woman went back before the store fight.

The paper reported Jefferson has a child with the victim’s boyfriend.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, a spokesman for Walmart said: ‘This is obviously not the type of behavior that we would expect from people at our stores.

‘And we want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused other customers.’

Three employees were also taken to hospital with minor respiratory problems.

That person was taken to the Wilmer Eye Institute with a potentially serious eye injury.

Fire officials were called to the store in the Baltimore suburb of Arbutus shortly before 11 am Saturday.

Fire Department spokesman Glenn Blackwell says one person was arrested and charges are pending.


Authorities said the other chemical used in the fight was ammonia.

When the two are mixed toxic fumes are produced that can cause choking and breathing problems.

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3 thoughts on “WAL-MART BLEACH FIGHT!”

  1. Wow, what idiots! Its amazing nobody was killed. And why in the hell did other people start throwing chemicals around..? It's as if those involved lost their minds for a moment..? Only in B-More. LMAO.

  2. Hi Steven, I live in NYC and I've got to tell you your pictures make me wonder what it was like back then, the way people are dressed and all. Your first picture makes me go WOW! seeing the Brooklyn Bridge without the Manhattan Bridge next to it. Also I like the prints by Louis Lozowick. Terry Conti


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