LOS ANGELES – Arnold is wearing a T-Shirt with ‘I Survived Maria” on the front and  “I Survived Mildred” on the back!
Arnold is losing it.
The “Terminator” star was caught Monday sporting a white tee with the phrase “I Survived Maria” emblazoned on the front of the shirt with the dates of his relationship with ex Maria Shriver- “1977 – 2010” at the bottom of the shirt.

On the back of his white tee the phrase “I Survived Mildred” is emblazoned with the dates of his relationship with his ex-maid, Mildred Baena – a relationship that coincided with his relationship with Maria:  1977-2010.

Insiders say that Arnold still thinks he has done nothing wrong.  “Arnold was told by men he respected in Austria, that a man should help himself to the nanny or maid.  It’s a man’s right.”
Arnold told friends that he and Dominique Strauss-Kahn believe in the same “help yourself to the maid” philosophy.  “It’s a European thing.”
Here’s Maria with her son, Christopher, in Brentwood yesterday:

Schwarzenegger and Shriver have filed for divorce after his love child scandal, but he still thought it’d be fun to wear the shirts in public.
“It’s a gag. Arnold and Maria are still talking every day,  and Arnold and Mildred are talking every day as well.  He thinks it’s funny and he thinks everyone else should think it’s funny, too.”
A source earlier told WWN that the former power couple is working amicably through divorce negotiations and spent significant time together last month after their youngest son suffered a nasty fall off a boogie board.

There is another t-shirt trend in California.  Residents of the state are fondly remembering the Governator.  Many residents of the state are now wearing T-shirts that read: “I Survived Arnold.”

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