CHICAGO – Barack Obama turned 50 today.  He joined AARP and got his discount card.
President Barack Obama turns 50 today.  At his birthday party last night he proudly waved his new AARP card.
BUT, AARP has rejected President Obama’s membership.
AARP President, Maura Malley said, “We have supported President Obama and are thankful for the $20 billion he gave us to help get Obamacare passed, but we don’t want him in our organization because man of our members said that if we let him in they would leave.  We had no choice. But AARP backs him in 2012!”
AARP ripped up the President’s discount card.  The President didn’t mind, “I’m too young to be in AARP anyway.  That’s for old people with low IQs.”
At President Obama’s birthday party at a glitzy ballroom in Chicago he was entertained by jazz man Herbie Hancock, R&B singer Jennifer Hudson, OK Go, a Chicago rock band and Beyonce came onstage in a string bikini and sang “Happy Birthday” to the President.

Michelle Obama stormed out of the hall.
The President didn’t mind – he just sipped his $5,000 a glass champagne and ate caviar that Vladmir Putin prepared himself.
“Putin has a carp farm and is quite good with caviar” said the President.  “I love the way he salts his caviar.”

The President said that even though the economy is tanking, he thinks the nation should take time out and “go shopping” on his birthday.  “We are on the road to a big recovery and we all need to spend more money,” the President told his supporters.

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  1. Oh ,I almost forgot….good luck with your discount card .most likely used in caldore …and temped to be used on bailouts .


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