NEW YORK  – Mayor Bloomberg has come up with a unique way to raise funds for the city – sell it’s  garbage.

Artist  Justin Gignac had a brilliant concept in package design.  He called it “NYC Garbage.”
It began as a bet with a friend at an ad agency has turned into a major boon for Gignac and New York City, who says on his website that NYC has so far sold 590,000 clear lucite boxes containing nothing but authentic New York City garbage (and odorless).  One box would contain a crumpled MetroCard, a Starbucks straw or a discarded photo.
Well, it started as art project and now… it’s an official revenue-raising plan for New York City.   Mayor Bloomberg has ordered the NYC Sanitation Department to save 5%  of all garbage collected to be put aside.  It will be boxed up and sold around the U.S. – and the world.

“Our garbage is the best garbage in the world, and I’m convinced that people around the globe will want some fresh NYC garbage as a collector’s item.  It’ll be the new seashell, ” said Mayor Bloomberg.
Customers can buy boxes of odorless or odor-full garbage in bags or “loose.”
“I’d recommend customers buy the loose garbage, because then they can use it as they want around their homes,” said Deput Mayor Lydia Morales.
Here’s some Grade-A loose garbage:

Each box is tied to a specific locale, whether it’s Rivington or Yankee Stadium and generally goes for $50 a box (not counting the $100 special edition box from Obama’s Inauguration).

Bloomberg  has put aside a large amount of his own garbage to sell.  The Mayor thinks he can get $10,000 to 50,000 for each bag of his garbage.  “I got great garbage.  And I’m only going to take 60% of the profits, the rest I’m going to earmark to pay for gay weddings.”
So come to NYC and… buy some garbage!

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