HOLLYWOOD – The women in the Anthony Weiner text scandal have signed with Bravo for a reality show.
Bravo announced today that they have signed the 6 women at the center of the Anthony Weiner scandal to a 12 episode reality show entitled – Weiner House.  The show will have all six women, plus other women close to Weiner,  living in the same luxury condominium in the Georgetown section of Washington.
The Weiner Women will be vying to meet Congressman Weiner in person – as they also meet and tweet other famous Washington celebrities.  “It’s Big Brother meets The Real Housewives of DC meets The Real World meets Debbie Does DC,” said Jill Markenson of Bravo.
Rep. Anthony Weiner has declined to be in the show.  But if, and when he resigns, he said he will appear in the show only if he receives at least $1 million per episode.  Bravo agreed to that fee, if and only if, Weiner includes one junk shot in every episode.  Deal.
Kirsten Powers, a Fox News Contributor and former Weiner girlfriend, has agreed to be in the Weiner House.

Living in Kirsten’s room will be porn star, Ginger Lee – a big Weiner fan.

Also in negotiations to be in Weiner House are Hillary Clinton and Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin.

Advertisers are already lining up for the show – Jockey underwear, Cialis, Extenze, Little Caesars and YFrog have all signed on.
Weiner will not have sexual relations with any  of the women on the show – but he will tweet them round the clock.  Expect to see a lot of Weiner boxer brief close-ups – from all different angles.

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