LOS ANGELES –  Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he has fathered 17 more children by ten different women.
The former Governor of California, and Extreme Fornicator,  Arnold Schwarzenegger, revealed to Maria Shriver’s lawyers that he has fathered 17 children in 10 states – Texas, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Rhode Island – over the last ten years.
There may be some international Arnold babies as well.
Arnold has fathered 11 girls and 6 boys that range in age from 2 years to 18 years old.  WWN is in the process of getting photographs of all the children.  Maybe one looks like this:

Reporters in Santa Monica were shocked when Arnold stepped out to confirm this information to the public.  “He seemed to be boasting, actually,” said AP reporter, LLoyd Markum.  “He was proud of his ‘super semen’ as he put it.  I think he wants to impregnate more women. He tried to grope our photographer, Wendy.”  Coupon Code – 54CPS12.
Many of the Arnold Mamas were actually living in Los Angeles at the time Arnold “blessed them with his penis,” as he said.   He met most of them on film sets, where he “encouraged” them to have sex with him, so they could “feel the rapture” and help him “prepare for his scene.” Some of the women lodged complaints with producers and some even told police that Arnold had raped them – but charges were never filed.
“He was the franchise on the film set, nobody was going to go against him,” said producer Joe Lovaneli.  “Most of the women that complained were immediately fired and black-balled in the industry.”
Arnold obviously loved the power he had over women – and over producers and agents – in Hollywood.  But there are rumors that he even made his male producers and agents give him oral sex – just to assert his power over them.  “You had to give Arnold a blowjob if you wanted to work for him,” said a world-renowned director off-the-record.  “No blowjob, no jobjob.”

All of Arnold’s children – including Maria Shriver’s kids – are publicly calling for Arnold to be incarcerated for the remainder of his life.  “He’s caused us so much hardship, so much pain.  He deserves to suffer for the rest of his life,”  said Skippy Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s 9th son, who lives in a trailer park in Oregon with his mother, Rainbow.
One Arnold Mama, Suzy Walton, is shopping a reality show called Castrating Arnold.
Here’s four of the newly discovered Arnold kids:

Arnold will be pumping iron behind iron bars soon.

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  1. Skippy and Rainbow? Not bad. Kudos to the writers. That got me laughing. I think the chuckle value is what keeps me reading this stuff. Though there are some who figure this isn't a laughing matter.


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