NEW YORK –NBC won the rights to broadcast doomsday – May 21, 2011
After a week-long battle with ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN and the SYFY channel, NBC won the rights to broadcast the end of the world.  You’ll be able to catch it live at 8pm EST (7pm CST).
The U.S. evangelical Christian broadcaster predicting that Judgment Day will come on Saturday says he expects to watch the entire NBC broadcast, so he doesn’t miss a minute of the unfolding apocalypse.
Harold Camping, 89, previously made a failed prediction that Jesus Christ would return to Earth in 1994.  But this time he, and NBC, are sure that the world will end at exactly 11:45 – right after Saturday Night Live does its last opening sketch.

NBC is not revealing exactly what will happen or where they will be filming but they are sure an earthquake will shake the Earth to its core, sweeping true believers to heaven and leaving others behind to be engulfed in the world’s destruction over a few months.
“We know, without any shadow of a doubt that it is going to happen,”  NBC President Jeff Zucker said.
Brian Williams will be hosting “The Rapture!” – with his family sitting nearby.

Donald Trump will move up announcing the winner of Celebrity Apprentice on Saturday night at 9pm.  “We want to hire someone before the world ends,” Trump said.
Tina Fey will be reprising her Sarah Palin imitation in a special sketch moments before the world ends.  “Tina wants Sarah to be the voice that leads the world to utter destruction,” said Zucker.
So tune in on Saturday.  If you miss it, don’t worry – NBC plans to rebroadcast on Sunday at 8pm – unless, of course, we are all dead.

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  1. Okay you guys want popularity scaring the crap out of them isnt smart your not cool i dont believe anything that comes out of your stupid lying mouth i dont care if you scare me but your putting others lives in danger i forgot your stupid irresponsible how do you sleep at night. iam ashamed iam when i seen this you outta be ashamed of your selves .

  2. I do believe in GOD but i dont think he wants to scare people just open theire eyes to what the world is really like some of your stories are so silly but when you mess with religon you hurt others

  3. people dont believe this for one if the world was going to end tomorrow 1 you wouldnt be to use the internet or TV because all the satellites would be out your not to bright 2 than they say the world was going to end on 2000 then they say again oh its going to happen DEC 21 2012 you need to stop and listen to GOD not talblods okay .

  4. LOL U folks have it all wrong! Correction the day is going to be on a Friday NOT Saturday, and second only God Almighty knows the exact time it will happen.

  5. You people need to read the Bible seriously it says several times that NO ONE including Jesus God's own SOn will NOT know when the coming of Christ is..so do us all a favo and shut up and read what the Bible says, which is the TRUTH! Thank you!


  6. In old testament times, Harold Camping wouldn't have made a second prediction. He would have been stoned after the first one failed to happen.

  7. i feel that HATERED, such as people thinking only for self, also people killing people for earthly needs (which is money is the root of all evil), family turning on family without any means to try and fix: it instead of understanding, caring, and loving in thine heart! HELPING OTHER'S TO GET RIGHT IN THINE HEART! Besides it say"s in Revalation in the first couple of chapter's; Anti- Christ(means instead of Christ, it'll be the Devil); will come and tell us he's God, but not, it'll be the Snake, Devil, Lucifer, Surpent, and his worker's is Cane, Legion, Beilja, and etc. Read the Bible and ask God for his understanding not thine own understanding, also give us wisdom of his word. Plus watch Emily Rose The Excorism

    • When you watch this movie, it'll state all of the demons in her body and Lucifer as the Devil will state his name in the flesh

  8. these peoplke r out of their frieken mind. One gave up everything to scare people to christ a former us soldier who has been deployed seen alot of bad stuff, is probably crazy and needs to be in a psych ward. God has a plan and I don't believe this harold camping is part of it. Get a life people God knows everything and there will be more signs of the end times, The Bible is proof of yhat

  9. it was predicted to end a few back and it never happened everyone is saying its going to end tonight well hey me and millions of other people are using the internet are still walking about. if the world is going to end whats the point in talking about it cos me nor anyone else can stop it from happening so if i happens just let it be theres nothing we can do

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