SHANGHAI – Blue Glowing Pork Meat is becoming popular in restaurants around China.
Chinese people are loving eating the glowing pork meat!
It was discovered by Miss Chen, owner of Wang Cho Restaurant.
Miss Chen got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and noticed a faint blue light coming from her kitchen, only to discover that the source of this ghostly glow was none other than the slab of pork that she’d purchased the day before and left on the table.
“In order to be sure she wasn’t seeing things, Miss Chen woke up her family to look at this piece of strange meat together. The pork glowed in the dark but returned to ‘normal’ in the morning. Both astonished and afraid, Miss Chen’s customers did not dare to eat from this piece of pork again.
Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to Miss Chen’s restaurant and saw this piece of glowing pork.”

Reporters also found the blue pork meat in many other restaurants around Shanghai – and China.   It was verified by multiple sources..
An “exhaustive” search of the literature revealed astounding evidence that, yes, meat stored in poor conditions may turn your pork meat blue.  And in China, many restaurants are operating in less-than-desirable conditions.  Thus, blue pork meat.
Dr. Robert Oztertag, of Hong Kong University, discussed the matter at some length in his Handbook of Meat Inspection published in 1904, in which he catalogs reported incidents of strangely glowing meat spanning centuries, from 16th-century Rome to 18th-century Vienna.
Turns out that someone named “Neusch” in Basel observed in 1877 “that pork which was kept in a receptacle in a pantry emitted a green light of such intensity that people were able to recognize each other by it and to read the time on their watches.”
Fast-forward 50 years, and the more scientifically minded writers of Meat Hygiene name the likely culprit: phosphorescent bacteria, such as Pseudomonas cyanagenus, which can cause contaminated meat to appear “as if it were studded with stars.”
Bottom line:  beware the blue pork meat!

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