SHANGHAI – The Chinese have invented the most fuel efficient car in the world – an electric shoe car!
The Chinese government, working with shoeware company Kang Shoe, and Chinese car company BYD, has created the electric shoe car that sells for about $6,515.   It uses no biofuels, only electricity – and it travel up to 600 miles on one charge.
Kang Shoe created it on orders from the Chinese government, who wants to sell shoe cars to the Chinese people in the next four weeks.
The only problem the Chinese government has with the electric shoe car is that it is “right-footed” car.  The goverment wants them only to sell “left-footed” cars.  “It’s an easy fix,” said BYD president Ho Fan.
Warren Buffett has already agreed to invest $5 billion dollars in the new car venture.  Buffett is sure that the electric shoe cars will catch on in the United States as well.
The electric shoe car has two seats and can be driven for 250 miles at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour on a single battery charge. You won’t find slick carbon fiber for its body — but rather the hide of five bulls, something PETA and vegans are sure to have a big say about.
The electric shoe car is such a hit that Kang Shoe and BYD  plans to create 4,000 cars a day.
President Barack Obama has already ordered an electric shoe car – but he has made a request to have them make a golf shoe electric car.  The Chinese government has agreed to President Obama’s request.

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