Popular Social Networking game, Farmville, releases new area.
For those of you who do not already know, Farmville is a hugely popular social networking game. Allowing players to virtually manage farm activities like plowing land, growing and harvesting virtual crops, and raising livestock. The game gives players the opportunity to interact with friends while simultaneously making unique farming choices that reflects the player’s personality.
Zynga, the creators of Farmville as well as other popular social networking games such as Mafia Wars, Café World, and City Ville, say that one of their main missions is to get people to think about not how one plays the game but with whom one chooses to play it.
Facebook is he most popular forum for this game with over 62 million users. That’s almost 10% of all users on Facebook.
Recently Zynga has expanded Farmville a little more by including the English Countryside in the game. This area will allow players to work with crops native to the United Kingdom, like potatoes, lots and lots of potatoes. Each player that takes part in the English Countryside will be immediately awarded  500 lbs of potatoes and three sheep just for getting in on all the English fun.

With the English Countryside out on the market the team at Zynga are already moving on with the next region of the world in need of some cultivation. Inside sources say that Zynga has been spending many hours on a Middle Eastern region for the next release.
It has been rumored that Afghani Farmlands will be in the next release. Farmers in this region will have a limited choice of crops to grow corn or opium poppies and can only raise goats. But players will not have to worry about chasing rabbits off of their land. Instead they will have to look out for IEDs (improvised explosive devices) scattered throughout their property. You will also have to shoo away insurgents our of your corn fields to prevent attacks on foot patrols by the troops that have been occupying the region for over 9 years.
We could not get anyone from Zynga to go on record about this new expansion as it is still considered top-secret but we did get this one quote from a staffer wishing to remain anonymous.
“We want Farmville to not only get people to interact with one another but to also think about world events. That’s why we decided to create a farming region that is centered in Afghanistan.”

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