Does Facebook hate the Chinese?
In recent news it was revealed that a popular Chinese blogger that goes by the name of Michael Anti had his Facebook account canceled in January. When Anti questioned Facebook administrators as to why his account was closed he received a response informing him that the company has a strict policy prohibiting the use of pseudonyms and that only names issued on government ideas are acceptable for use.
However, several celebrities have Facebook profiles that list their stage names. Let’s face it, Vin Diesel is not the actors real name, it’s Mark Sinclair Vincent. And neither is Charlie Sheen, his real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez and currently Mr. Sheen already has over 150 pages on Facebook and most likely the number is still growing as you read this article due to his ever growing array of characters and possible schizophrenia.
Many of these celebs do not even write the postings on their profiles. So clearly the individual does not have to match the name. You can even be friends with Mayor McCheese, a man with a giant cheeseburger for a head that governs a non-existent town; but a Chinese man who wants to speak his mind cannot have a profile? There is only one answer for this and that’s racism.

Facebook is supposedly very difficult to access from within China, requiring users to go through web-based proxies and VPNs in order to gain access to the site. Facebook claims that it is due to China’s strict laws and censorship policies like those that we saw play out in the press last year with Google. But underground insider sources say that Facebook is intentionally making it hard for the people of China because Facebook has never liked China to begin with.
“It’s so hard to relate to the Chinese. They’re all a bunch of commies anyway,” stated a Facebook employee who did not want to reveal their identity, “There is a strict no China policy at work too. You can’t even bring Chinese food back to the office at lunch.”
It has been rumored that Zuckerberg once throw an entire box of pork fried rice at the head of an employee who was brazen enough to cross the threshold with take out in tow.
The real irony here is that Zuckerberg is currently dating a Chinese woman by the name of Priscilla Chan. But sources say that her heritage is not an issue for Zuckerberg because she went to Harvard, she’s a looker and “she love you long time”.

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