NEW YORK, NY – 50 Cent announced today that he is going on tour with Keenan Cahill.
For those of you who have being living under a rock for the past few months, Keenan Cahill is one of the few, the proud, the Youtube superstars. 16 year old Keenan’s rise to fame came as a result of his desire to video himself lip-synching various pop songs and posting them on Youtube under the handle, BeenerKeeKee19952.
Keenan has now built up an enormous roster of songs, lip-synching hits such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Lady Gaga’s Telephone, Jersey Shore’s very own DJ Pauly D’s Beat Dat Beat, and just recently Landry Fields and Andy Rautins of the New York Knicks teamed up with Keenan to perform a “GO NY GO” remix. Like most Youtube postings, it started off as a hobby.
Then Keenan’s world turned upside down when Katy Perry became aware of his rendition of her smash hit Teenage Dream, tweeting “I heart you @KeenanCahill” and further tweeting “THIS… is my Teenage Dream.” Perry linked Keenan’s video to the tweet and well, the rest is history.
Since Katy took notice, Keenan has appeared on Chelsea Lately and at the end of last year Keenan made a game changing video, lip-synching 50 Cent’s Down On Me with a special guest appearance form none other than the superstar himself, 50 Cent. The video to date has garnered over 24 million views in its short life online.
Word on the street is that 50 was so impressed with Keenan’s moves and charm that he has requested that the young internet sensation accompany him on an upcoming tour, that is, as long as Keenan’s mom gives her approval.
The tour will be in support of 50’s long awaited 5th studio album, Black Magic, which is slated to be released this summer. It should come as little surprise that 50 would consider including Keenan on the tour.
Recently, when asked about the new album, 50 stated, “I’m not sure if I’ll make a full mixtape [beforehand]. That’s what I was doing when I was making collaborations with new artists: I was working with artists that wouldn’t exactly be my equal because they don’t have a successful track record. But at some point you have to make the decision to just be an artist and work because you enjoy the music and you think it’s a good idea, as opposed to it being someone of your caliber.”
Who knows, maybe Keenan will even be a featured artist in one of his new songs. One thing’s for sure, he is bound to be in a video.


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