LOS ANGELES – Lady Gaga hatched from her egg, but later she got scrambled by Eminem, who laid another egg at the Grammys.Lady Gaga incubated in an egg-shaped pod, as she was carried by a sci-fi-inspired entourage down the Grammys carpet.
Lady Gaga hatched last night.

The “Born This Way” singer did not hatch from incubation shell on the red carpet, but  during her Grammys performance.

Hussein Chalayan was responsible for Gaga’s egg incubation.  “We placed her in a petri dish back in September and then when the egg was formed, we had Elton John sit on it for about two weeks.  Sir Elton sat on her backstage as well and his warm butt brought her to life and allowed her to hatch.”
Unfortunately, after her performance Lady Gaga fell.  All Hussein’s horses and all Hussein’s men couldn’t put Gaga together again.
Gaga is permanently cracked.
And once an egg is cracked, you might as well scramble it.
Eminem was happy to oblige.   Eminem was stunned that he, once again, did NOT win Album of the Year and Record of the Year for his latest release, The Recovery.  As Eminem said, “Lady Antebellum, who the f*^k are those mother f*&kers!”
His “Recovery” will be short-lived, apparently.   To add insult to injury he had to stand next to the hatched Gaga as she received yet another Grammy:

Backstage, Eminem took the new born Gaga-chick and “scrambled her with my dick.”
“I’m not standing on a stage with an egg-girl, losing another Grammy.  I’m not taking that sh*t.”

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