WASHINGTON — The Ronald Reagan School for Political Dramatics has opened!
On the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth, his foundation announced the opening of a brand new acting school founded in his honor.
In an official statement, the Reagan family explained:
“We wanted to combine his passions, politics and acting. We have created an environment that encourages both. He appeared in 53 films before making it to the big stage as Governor of California and then as our 40th President. Many people with dreams of the stage become politicians, so it makes perfect sense to cultivate young talents and allow them an opportunity to explore theater and government together, just as Ronald Reagan did.”

The school will be located in Washington, D.C. A comprehensive internship program will allow students to ingratiate themselves politically, socially, and dramatically.
Fred Thompson, former Law & Order star and former Tennessee Senator, will serve as the institution’s president.

Thompson commented, “I’m ecstatic to be involved. I wish this place would have been around when I was coming up as a young actor-politician.”
The school will start small, with only forty students for its first semester.
Classes will include:
— “Picking the Right Party No Matter What You Believe”
— “Raising Money in Hollywood”
— “Negative Campaigning”
— “Making the Rounds: Washington Cocktail Hour”
— “Hair and Makeup: Don’t Kid Yourself” led by Sarah Palin’s campaign stylist and hairdresser
— “Muscles Mean Big” led by Arnold Schwarzenegger

— “Smart and Funny? You Better Believe It” with Al Franken
— “How To Cry” by Speaker John Boehner
— “The Mind and The Body” taught by Jesse Ventura.
The foundation was also happy to announce two scholarships, the Sonny Bono Memorial Scholarship and the Shirley Temple Scholarship for Singing and Dancing.

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