CARSON CITY, NV — Nutritionists at The Astrology Association of America have released an official list of Superfoods for each sign of the zodiac.
AAA’s dietitians worked with me to identify five foods that are crucial for optimal health and well-being for each sign.  I have also included the general health characteristics for each sign, as well as suggestions for foods to avoid.
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this year’s list is the inclusion of Ophiucus, the 13th sign of the zodiac.
The 2011 Horoscope Superfoods:
ARIES: Prone to headaches, on-the-go mentality requires a very balanced diet
— Aries Superfoods: Tomatoes, brown rice, lentils, walnuts, broccoli
— Aries Should Avoid: Salt, liquor

Excellent taste buds, enjoy good food, weight gain issues
— Taurus Superfoods: Beets, horseradish, onions, cucumber, cranberries
— Taurus Should Avoid: Carbohydrates, anything too heavy or rich

: Respiration issues, state of mind reflects state of health
— Gemini Superfoods: Celery, grapefruit, lettuce, wild rice, green beans
— Gemini Should Avoid: Coffee or any caffeine, junk food.

: Emotional stress often leads to weight gain, delicate stomach
— Cancer Superfoods: Milk, egg yolks, whole grains, fish, any fresh fruit
— Cancer Should Avoid: Spicy foods, horseradish, hot peppers, sweets

:  Physically robust, great athletes and dancers, overexertion can cause strain
— Leo Superfoods: Whole wheat, coconut, peaches, fish, whole milk
— Leo Should Avoid: Any fatty foods, must eat correctly.

VIRGO: Nerves and worry reflected in intestines, fussy digestion .
— Virgo Superfoods: leafy greens, oranges, wheat germ, oats, lean lamb or beef
— Virgo Should Avoid:  Chocolate, anything overly seasoned, spicy or fried

: Enjoy general good health, weak lower backs, skin issues
–Libra Superfoods: Strawberries, raisins, seafood, yogurt, spinach
–Libra Should Avoid: Alcohol, carbonated beverages

: Great energy level, sex organ issues
— Scorpio Superfoods: Black cherries, figs, almonds, apples, water
— Scorpio Should Avoid
: Alcohol (worst effect in zodiac), large meals

: Must exercise, thin when young, tend to gain with age
— Sagittarius Superfoods: Poultry, plums, green peppers, potatoes, skim milk
— Sagittarius Should Avoid: Gravy, butter, candy

Physically strong, weak immunity to common ailments
— Ophiucus Superfoods: Garbanzo beans, watermelon, kale, mangoes, blackberries
— Ophiucus Should Avoid
: High fat meats, cured meats

: Great bone structure and longevity, joint issues
— Capricorn Superfoods: Lemons, raw vegetables, yogurt, eggs, brown rice
— Capricorn Should Avoid: Eating the same foods every day, refined sugar

: Slender ankles, very mentally active, tendency to gain weight
— Aquarius Superfoods: Tuna, oysters, cabbage, squash, carrots
— Aquarius Should Avoid: Coffee and tea, unless herbal

: Excellent sense of taste and smell, vulnerable to colds
— Pisces Superfoods: Liver, kidneys, beets, dates, steamed vegetables
— Pisces Should Avoid: Salt, alcohol
[NOTE FROM EDITOR:  Be sure to order Elsa Akesson’s ground-breaking book, “The New Astrology” due in bookstores July, 2011.  WWN is proud to have Professor Elsa Akesson as our celestial columnist.   Patrick Walker picked her as the greatest astrologer of her generation.]

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