NEW YORK –  The NFL announced last night that, starting in 2012, the league will allow women to play.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the announcement to a group of reporters outside the NFL headquarters in New York City early Wednesday evening. He said he hoped the decision to include female players would convey the NFL’s more “feminine” and “progressive” sides.
“Times are changing,” said Goodell, “the military is about to allow women into combat.   If women are going to be fighting on the battlefield, how can we stop them from participating in football.  It’s not fair  The NFL is open to all players now – regardless of gender.”

According to the new rule book, each NFL team must be composed of equal parts male and female players. Of those female players, 75 percent must be active at all times, and every active female player must touch the football at least once during a game.

Feminists are applauding Goodell and the NFL.  They have long accused the National Football League of being sexist and bigoted. Fairness on the Field, a women’s rights group in Chicago who once sued the NFL for discrimination, has been lobbying the league to change its gender policies for decades. They are counting the NFL’s co-ed rule as a major victory.
“We couldn’t be more ecstatic,” said Kate Hohner, the group’s president. “The National Football league was once considered a bastion of masculinity. That women can now participate in it is a huge step for gender equality.”
According to sources inside the NFL, the so called “co-ed rule” will take effect at the beginning of the 2012 season. That means that the upcoming Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers will be the last NFL Championship played by all-male teams.

The league will hold an NFL combine for women in April, said one NFL spokesman.
Deloris Green, a 30-year-old weightlifter from Marietta, Georgia, is planning to tryout as a walk-on running back for the Atlanta Falcons.
“I’m gonna get out there and show those guys what a real lady can do,” said Green, who clocks an impressive 4.50 on the 40-yard dash and can squat press 350 lbs. “If they could draft a sissy-boy like Tom Brady into the league, there’s no reason they wouldn’t pick a woman like me.”
Despite its overwhelming acceptance amongst women, the NFL’s decision to go co-ed does not sit well with some the league’s male fans. These NFL purists feel that football is inarguably a man’s sport.
“This is absolutely ridiculous,” said Jon Bovary, an irate football fan and male chauvinist from Detroit. “Once they let women play in the NFL, they’re going to have to let everyone play – children, animals, midgets, inanimate objects. Where will they draw the line?”
Overall, the new co-ed rule has received positive reactions from the league’s corporate sponsors.
In support of the rule change, the Reebok Corporation has partnered with the National Football League to launch their “Beauty and Grace Factor,” a line of pads and jerseys made exclusively for female football players.
Riddell, the equipment company that provides helmets and supportive undergarments to the NFL, will also produce a line of jockstraps and athletic cups designed for women.
According to a poll taken by National Football League, over 88 percent of active players say they approve of new rule change. However, they did raise some relevant concerns.
“Will we have to share our locker rooms with the female players?” said Steelers quarterback, Ben Rothlisberger. “Because if we do, that’s totally cool with me!”
This will be the last all-male Super Bowl… so enjoy it!

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79 thoughts on “NFL TO ALLOW WOMEN TO PLAY”

    • They do have their own league they used to practice after my team when i played semi pro. it was the sorriest sht ive ever seen in my life LOL

  1. how do i sign up to be a part of the combine in april and are women allowed this fall or next fall…meaning 2011-2012 or 2012-2013 season

    • LOL are u a fcking moron? no woman on earth will EVER be good enough to play on a boys middle school team let alone a highschool team. waht the hell is going on in america these days?
      all u dumb ass tricks need to know ur roll. yall suck. get it through your head. bend over, suck my dck, have my kid, and shut the fck up

    • You rock. my goal is to be the first female to play in the super bowl, but it looks like i might not be first. Girls shouldn't get special treatment, but we shouldn't be denied. For all those guys out there, i haven't even joined my middle school team yet, and i'm already getting crap about why i shouldn't play. Guys can do cheerleading, why can't girls do football?

    • Because men have to register for the draft as soon as they turn 18, and women don't. Society can not move forward until women are not only given equal rights, but equal punishments and all sorts of things they don't want.

  2. Women already have our own league, you idiot: the WPFL. And the reason that we don't want to be ghettoized into a separate league is because there's no money in it – as is proven by the fact that nobody knows about the WPFL. There's only room for one league in this country.

    • No theres only room for mens leagues. Theres 25-30 professional mens leagues and everyone who plays football knows about them. women suck dck at football. you belong nowhere near a football field u guys turn the game into a joke. and if any dude ever tells your good or you "throw like a man" its just because hes trying to fck u

  3. Really this isnt that bad i dont see what you all have against women just because they are girls doesnt mean they cant hit i knw this for a fact I play on a lacrosse all star team and we played a canadian team that had 2 girls on the team and one of them put me on the ground 3 times (my team never let me live that down) and i know a girl that plays Highschool RUGBY and if you know sports you know rugby is 10 times tougher than football since theres no such things as pads

    • First of all if you got layed out by a fckin girl thats ur own problem. you are probably a sht athlete. and 2nd rugby is af ucking joke. its not even comparable to football u fcking dumb as$ moron

  4. Yeah. If they want to play pro football they can make their own league that will magnify the reality that there's no viable market for female professional sports teams outside of doubles in tennis–just like the WNBA is did.

  5. All of you must be guys. I can't believe that you really think that. I agree with you 20%, why would the world want to watch women prance around and screaming everytime they bust up their nail polish. I agree with the article, they should also make a womens wrestling team too. Females shouldn't have to put up with all of this negativity towards them. 90% of men are sexist pigs

  6. Are you serious? The NFL is without a doubt a mans sport. The women who can squat 350 big whoop! Kids in high school can squat that. And she really thinks she can take a hit from james harrision of the steelers? I do not discriminate on anyone but this is too much. Nfl athletes are the elite athletes right next to ufc and mma fighters and women can’t fight men. If a women does come in the league and is an impact she is either a great kicker or she takes more steroids than Arod! And let’s be honesty there are certain levels a women can’t take her body unless she is taking testosterone. This will also make women a target for other players to prove they don’t belong

  7. This is either untrue or not fair. I believe women should be allowed to play but it is clear men r better then women so why make the team even. Stupid

    • Hey, are you from the 1950s or something? Men are not better than us, NFL is a lot more that running and jumping on who ever has the ball. If we break it down to the cellular level there's no difference between female muscle and male muscle. Theoretically a female with X pounds of muscle mass will be as strong as a male with X pounds of muscle mass. Although Women are designed to carry more muscle in the lower body, so we will probably have stronger legs and glutes and he could have stronger arms/back/chest.

  8. yes this is completely true, as was bat boy and the angel tht got shot down by that duck hunter. did no one see the title of the page???

  9. If a woman is willing to physically train herself and is able to handle the pain and injuries to come, I invite them to play. Women are very misjudged.


  11. Of course this is fake – LOL! Women are weaker, slower and more prone to injury. You would have to have quotas period! BTW, women are still banned from ground combat too.

    • not true… women are allowed to fight on the front lines, and women are not weaker, slower, but they are more prone to injury. I don't think that you can have another being inside of you for 9 months, bleed for a month, run up and down in heels, and endure breast cancer, so for you, i think it is more appropriate to say that women should not be allowed into the nfl because of CHOICE, and smelly locker rooms, slapping on the butt, hitting on the field, and others. So definently you are not a women and not a real man.

    • you are either an idiot or you just have an hamburger brain. Fact: Did you know that women could survive starved for longer days than men? Review your biology courses then come back here to discuss, otherwise you have no right to say idiotic things you just said about women. Women are lionesses, goddess, and muses. They are stronger than they themselves know.

  12. If roughing the passer is stringently enforced to protect quarterbacks, what about a two hand touch rule for women, ha ha. It’s a brutal sport ladies! Don’t sacrifice your beauty, femininity and fragile frame. This is the NFL{Nay For Ladies}

  13. A woman can do whatever a man can do a lot of times even better. Like it was said if a woman train for a sport they can do it. It really p’s me off discrimnation of the sex. Its common sense I clearly wont tryout for the nfl because I know I cant play because I choose not too, but a woman that loves the sport as much as a man and have trained as much as a man can take whatever a WHACK MAN COULD!!!!! ughh!!! I cant wait to see these ladies show these immature men what a woman can do. To all the men that actually have a rational brain and isnt sexist hats off to ya!

  14. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this just before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this site is some thing that is necessary on the web, a person using a small originality. helpful job for bringing some thing new to the internet!

  15. If this is true I would try out. I've been told by a lot of "Men" I throw a football like. a man. I can Tackle like a man.. I've had dreams of this for years!

  16. I think this is a good thing but what happens when you've got a female quarterback getting sacked and injured by some 300 Ib DB? He's gonna get shunned and hated by society for hurting a girl in a game where people get hurt.

    • My name is Tameka Kelley in I will love to play for the NFL. I'm a female im 24year old. I know im young but I love to play football im the only girl I have 3 bothers in growing up playing football in leaning so many things with them made me realize that football is want I really want to do with my life. The thing is I can't found no team that will like me play for them. So want do u think I should do to make my dream in career happen.

  17. there is no money that many girls sports, because their not that exiting, however girls do make thing interesting so if you let them play in the NFL i think this will open a new world, new challenges, and new moments. There are some good female players out there, better then some in the NFL. I feel like females can play the QB position wide reciever or kicker. For the guy who said what if a line man was to hurt a female QB , well QB always get hurt thats a scary position she will have to prove that shes able to play as a qb just like any playe. so i say yes to women in the nfl

  18. Who does this woman think she is calling Tom brady a " sissy boy"? Tom Brady won three super bowls and she hasn't done s$&@!! Stupid feminist crap!! I can squat 350 pounds. Does that mean I can play in the nfl? I also have a problem with the the entitlement attitude. Why should the team have the roster half female players. You are supposed to earn a spot on a nfl team.

  19. While I think that this is cool, as a female myself, I believe that the women are getting too many rights. Not to say that we should be oppressed, but I believe that, If they allow women in the NFL, they should be on par with males. If they can manage to keep up, than they can play. The rule that states that they must be active and that the roster must be half women is bull. Just because you are a woman, it doesn't mean that you should get special rights. If you are good, you should play, regardless of gender. Gender doesn't determine skill.
    I've just recently started football on my highschool team. I understand that I may not get much playing time, and that my play time is decided by my athletic ability. Just because I am a girl, I don't believe that I should get more time than others or that it's "sexist" if they don't let me play.
    tl;dr Play time should be based on skill, not gender.

  20. You're all idiots. This is all fake. Weekly world news is a joke. I follow NFL religiously and this was never a story. It's not a matter gender, but of commen sense. The NFL could completely allow women to play, but they never will. You could take the largest, most athletic, power hungry woman on earth…Clay Matthews would destroy her with no effort. Hell, Matt Forte could take her out and he's just a RB. Think about it, these are not average people playing football. The smallest man in pro nfl could take out the average male in any engagement. Could NFL allow women? Yes. But they would never get picked. EVER. Not sexism. Just common sense.

  21. The only position in the nfl for women would be kickers or special teams. Let's be realistic women no matter how strong they think they are they can never be on the level of a man. God didn't create them to be a strong as a male. No disrespect i love women ! My mother is a woman lol. I think women should have their own national football league. In addition, why not women in the nba less direct punishment on the body. Does the nba know something the nfl don't. Let's see Take the women nba for instance less then ten dunks in its ten year pan women are different athleticly then their males counterparts. Even the nba knows this truth.

  22. i think its a good idea 2 see a girl in an all guz sport but it should be limited 2 1 girl per team me being a girl myself but also it just doesnt seem right having girls playing and we sholdnt have 2 hav a girl on every team just because thers a girl on 1 team and ther shouldnt b specific rules for the girls…in another words ther should be all girls all boys and co-ed not all co-ed it recks traditionall football 2 just because im a girl does not mean i want girls to play and im shore the teams have a probly hav not a good thinking of this

  23. i think girls should be able to play on a mans team because its fair if a man can play football so can woman and nothing will change that.woman should have rights and being a woman and saying that we have to many are wrong u should be ashamed of yourself.

    • God, you women are so freaking stupid. It has NOTHING to do with being fair. What are we? Kids fighting over Popsicles? This sport is dangerous. MEN HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO DIE OUT THERE. I just hope you females get ravaged on the field and realize this world wasn't built for equality. We're suppose to embrace our differences and respect. Women wanting to do everything men do, is disrespectful. It's basically saying, you can't do anything we can't. When in fact, we can. And you can do things I can't. But that's the great part about life.
      I will never watch football again if they do this shit… I swear.

    • Smh. You're dumb. Women will be slaughtered out there. Same feminist dumbasses yap all that crap about violence against women then go on pushing for women to be allowed to fight in combat and now the NFL. Act like a man, get handled like one. Next thing you know, the NFL will catch a lawsuit by some liberal feminist organiztion for mistreating women. Hell outta here with that.

  24. I think it’s good and bad. I used to play football in high school and I was the only girl on the team and of any team we competed against. I went through a lot of crap but I really enjoyed it. I got hurt a few times but I really didn’t care because I enjoyed it. I think it will be interesting to say the least, but I don’t think they are going to do d enough female players who are really good enough to play nfl within a year. It takes a lot of time and hard work. I think they need to start slower with high school and college football first. As well I think it might be a better thing to just have all girls teams. But then the number of girls playing does lead to an issue with that. Over all I am happy with the choice and intrigued to see how it will go.

  25. I think women should have to register for the draft if they want to play football. No exceptions. I can not think of a more obvious double standard.

  26. One of the funniest things I have ever read. The quote from the male chauvinist is brilliant!!
    Can’t believe how many people think this was true.

  27. Women CAN AND COULD PLAY FOOTBALL! There is no rule in the NFL that says women can't play. It is just the shear fact that a 180 pound women could not quailfy to play with 250+ pound men.

  28. is this forreal, woman should not be able to play in the nfl nor in the ufc, young men are brought up to never hit or touch a woman………so how is it ok for a linemen or a linebacker to plow a girl into the ground……….its not its not sexist its the way it should be i would feel very uncomfortable as a hs defensive lineman tackling a woman like i did a male………i guess if it is subject to only a woman kicker and she is good enough thats the only exception that should be made bc nobody can touch the kicker anyway or its a penalty!

  29. I am particularly disheartened by the rise in head injuries and concussions, this type of trauma is a potentially life altering injury. Concussions can lead to stroke and other cognitive disorders that might not show up until later in the child's development.

  30. i think there is nothing bad about women playing football with men.
    it is not that dangerous, in karate and in other martial arts women and men practice together, fight against each other, they are sepparted in the competition not because it would be to dangerous, only because it would be unfair to most of the woman. if every team has as many female as male members, there is no unfairness.

  31. I remember how I enjoyed playing flag football back in high school. There are women boxing, women racing, women playing soccer, so why shouldn't they be allowed to play football?


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