SYDNEY, Australia – Jimmy Buffett fell off the stage at a concert last night after an extended encore performance of “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere.”
Representatives released a statement:
“Jimmy took a spill last night toward the end of his final performance in Sydney. He is recovering at a local hospital and will make the remaining dates of his Pacific tour. Fans can show their support by purchasing a ‘Wasted Away Again’ t-shirt at www.MargaritavilleStore.com or by visiting one of Jimmy’s twelve retail stores.”
Earlier reports indicated the inebriated 64-year-old actually fell face first from the stage after chugging a pre-made Margaritaville “Last Mango Margarita” fresh from his cordless Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker.

Sources at Margaritaville Radio report that Buffett was seen drinking Margaritaville Tequila Silver and chasing it with Margaritaville Watermelon Mojito mix straight from the bottle.

An Australian parrothead at the show was overheard yelling, “This bloody bloke is a two-pot screamer. Step back before he lets out a liquid laugh! He’s a real no-hoper, this one!”
It remains unclear if Buffet will face charges stemming from the incident. Police are still trying to verify his self-proclaimed “license to chill.”
This morning, Buffett had a CAT scan that came back normal. Margaritaville CAT scan t-shirts and koozies will be available online tomorrow.
Here’s the video of Jimmy’s Margarita Spill:

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